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Different print runs of a Codex.

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Just had a chat with TYRANIDS the Living Metal rule on the Monolith and it seems that we have different things printed in our Codex.
(I now know that his is the newer one.)

Tyranids wrote:

I was looking at the codex when I wrote it "any weapon attacking the Monolith will roll for armour penetration using its unaugmented strength and a single D6 no matter what"
My codex does not say this at all!

It is fairly common fo GW to edit a later print run of a Codex without saying they have which can cause some annoying and un-needed auguments and disscusions.

If you have spotted any of these list them here so that we can all save time and much angst.

EDIT Please Do not quote whole passages of your Codex as this is against the old Copyright laws
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DaemonsR'us said:
Does not say a think about aguemented strength as well power fist and skills such as furious charge still get their strength bonuses against it
Actually, a power fist would be OK under the quote posted. "Any WEAPON attacking the Monolith". The unaumented strength of a Power FIst is two times that of it's wielder. Weapon strength, not unaugmewnted user strength.
So I could be difficult and state that anything that augments the strength of a model (Furious Charge....) would still work, since that modifies the user's strength, not the weapon strength.........

Oh yeah, to answer the question, I haven't seen the phrase he quotes either, Have to poke around.
yes however it is users stregth times two wich makes it augmented so that means they would only use the bearers stregth as any other weapon would weapons such as venom cannons would not recive the +2 strength
But your example says weapons unaugmented strength, not users, yes or no? The Weapons unagmented strength is 2xusers strength. Course, since none of us can find this codex.... Is it perchance a non-english version?
Ordo Xeno Commander said:
i have found the answer to our problem with the augmented argument, this is directly from the Necron codex FAQ :

When attacking a monolith, extra penetration dice and DOUBLING scores are much the same thing - dont count ANY bonus penetration of ANY sort against a monolith. So no bonuses for multiple Talos attacks, tank hunter, veteran skills, etc.
The ONLY exception is the Vindicare assasin's turbo-penetrator round. as this shell is not bonus penetration as such, it will work. Note that you still roll 2D6 and pick the higher when attacking a monolith with ordnance weapons.

There SOLVED!!! :D
OK, so no doubling of penetration dice. Got it. So by this quote, there is no effect on a power fist since it doubles STRENGTH, not penetration, right?
Viscount Vash said:

Dare I ask he says to himself? Any other changes to other Codeces that anyone has noticed?
Yep, there are two print runs of the IG codex out, and they are not marked (as the various print runs of the Chaos codex are). Only difference I've found in the two IG runs is a statement in the TechPriest section that servitors do not count as wargear.
Lord Alkmie said:
But I also know for sure that there are variations between first print run and subsequent of the Chaos codex. Can't say any thing about Necrons.
Yep, there are actually 4 different print runs of the "current" Chaos codex.
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