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Different print runs of a Codex.

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Just had a chat with TYRANIDS the Living Metal rule on the Monolith and it seems that we have different things printed in our Codex.
(I now know that his is the newer one.)

Tyranids wrote:

I was looking at the codex when I wrote it "any weapon attacking the Monolith will roll for armour penetration using its unaugmented strength and a single D6 no matter what"
My codex does not say this at all!

It is fairly common fo GW to edit a later print run of a Codex without saying they have which can cause some annoying and un-needed auguments and disscusions.

If you have spotted any of these list them here so that we can all save time and much angst.

EDIT Please Do not quote whole passages of your Codex as this is against the old Copyright laws
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Um the one i looked at says nothing about unagmented strength, but it does limit your penetration dice to one when you would normally get two
I.E melta, chain fist, monstrous creature, rending
It does not though elimitate the 2D6 for ordinance allowing you to pick the highest result
Does not say a think about aguemented strength as well power fist and skills such as furious charge still get their strength bonuses against it
Urm vash, i read it, it only talkes about penetration dice, power fist WOULD still get S8, since the two times strength is not specifically for penetration, its for everything, chain vist however do NOT get the extra D6 against lith, i was however wrong before about the veterain skills, i thought they did apply where as it states they do not in the FAQ
But Strength is used for everything, not just penetration like the examples that were given, its like saying a dread in CC wont get strength 10 attacking a lith witha cread CC weap because its unmodified S is 6, buuuuut the actual weapon your attacking it with is S10, what im saying is the point that was made before, the weapon itself is not a modification! the weapons S for attacking is X, where as X = 2x usersS, so for marine they would be attacking with a S8 weapon
Yes and so does a dreadnaught CC weap! but as far as i kno that isnt reduced because that IS the actual strength of the weapon, as it is S8 for a space marine power fist!
Thanks for clearifying Vash :)
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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