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Different print runs of a Codex.

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Just had a chat with TYRANIDS the Living Metal rule on the Monolith and it seems that we have different things printed in our Codex.
(I now know that his is the newer one.)

Tyranids wrote:

I was looking at the codex when I wrote it "any weapon attacking the Monolith will roll for armour penetration using its unaugmented strength and a single D6 no matter what"
My codex does not say this at all!

It is fairly common fo GW to edit a later print run of a Codex without saying they have which can cause some annoying and un-needed auguments and disscusions.

If you have spotted any of these list them here so that we can all save time and much angst.

EDIT Please Do not quote whole passages of your Codex as this is against the old Copyright laws
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The absolute minimum, and this isn't really difficult, is to release notification of the change of wording etc. in WD including copy'n'paste ready sections like they used to do. Then release a new codex, content in the knowledge that everyone has an up to date codex, even if some of it has a sheet of clarifications stuck to it.
Or let people swap their old incorrect one for a new one without having to pay. Its their screw up, sofware companies release patches etc. for free. Its poor customer service when people don't even know that a new version has been released. See the Witchhunters rhinos now getting repair rolls in later prints. No-one even knew about it.
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