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Different print runs of a Codex.

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Just had a chat with TYRANIDS the Living Metal rule on the Monolith and it seems that we have different things printed in our Codex.
(I now know that his is the newer one.)

Tyranids wrote:

I was looking at the codex when I wrote it "any weapon attacking the Monolith will roll for armour penetration using its unaugmented strength and a single D6 no matter what"
My codex does not say this at all!

It is fairly common fo GW to edit a later print run of a Codex without saying they have which can cause some annoying and un-needed auguments and disscusions.

If you have spotted any of these list them here so that we can all save time and much angst.

EDIT Please Do not quote whole passages of your Codex as this is against the old Copyright laws
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i will qoute half the passage i got my codex bout 3 months ago on christams so

"Similiarly, weapons that get aditional Armour Penetration dice (such as chainfists, monsterouscreatures or melta weapons) do not get the xtra dice against the monolith. Ordanence weapons still roll 2d6 Armour Penetration and select the highest score.In practice, any weapon attacking the monlith will roll for Armour Penetration using its unaugmented strength and a single d6 no matter what.

also the powerfists double users strengt is augmented so you would only be using str4 or str 5 powerfists against the model however its users weapon so furious charge and toxin sacs would still be still fine as they add to the models profile unlike the powerfist wich uses double the models strength a.k.a augmented
yes however it is users stregth times two wich makes it augmented so that means they would only use the bearers stregth as any other weapon would weapons such as venom cannons would not recive the +2 strength
also they would not recive any master crafted or similar things
yeah so true why dnt they just launch themselves from a cannon at the portal to knock em back as they comeout

and then like shoot random rockets and hope to hit something
well i just tried my scaner but unfortunately it doesnt work so i cannot show you wargamers my book

As for my last point, I brought it out because TYRANIDS sounded exactly like what I do when I know I've made a mistake, but can't admit it
i havnt made a mistake i copied it directly from the codex although my spelling was not up to scratch it is straigth out of my codex apart from physically flying over just to show you is there another way for me to show you yousing me computer that runs off 'snail' power and dial up[/quote]
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