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The first set of Dice Coins was successfully funded on kickstarter and it was delivered early (yes early). Based upon the great reviews, we are back with more dice, more art, custom ordering options, and $18 pledge levels.

Backers have a choice of 21 different characters who they can match to whatever dice they want. In addition, they have three metal plating options: antique gold, antique silver, and antique copper. All standard dice types are available.

Dice Coins are made of solid brass and are in the shape of a 2” coin. They have numbers on the outer perimeter. Players spin them like a top, use their finger to stop the coin, and use the result to the left of their finger.

The design allows artwork to be displayed on the coin. Dice Coins are accurate and easy to use. They look fantastic and a great addition to a gamer's collection.


Thank you,
JM Ward
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