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So my friends and me are working on a tau RPG for a club...
We've got the basic story down to an orca crash lands on a planet after being shot down by an ork gun (no relation to space marine promise). The surviving members much fight to get off the planet, and will find wreckage of said orca along the way, unlocking parts and shizzle
We think it'd be cool to have it like a custom suit Elena as well...
You start with a 'naked' fire warrior, or air caste. Each race will have it's abilities and bonus' as usual.
The players will earn XP and 'parts' as they go along. XP will go towards leveling up core stats and perhaps a 'perk' tree
Parts will go towards building and equipping a suit
Players will start with enough parts to maybe buy some armour and basic weapons, fire caste maybe getting 5+ and moderate gun! air caste getting 6+ and weak gun?
Elements will include stealth and shooty to defeat thy foe
Fire caste will use be more shooty, air more stealthy, with air caste starting with more rules and fire caste with more equipment, to each down their selected route
As players progress and discover orcha remains, they will unlock stuff in the 'shop'.
They can customize their suit, upgrading it with better arms, armour and propulsion.
We thought maybe each suit will have 'slots'
These being...
Arm A (for weapon or system)
Arm B (Weapon or system)
Shoulder (weapon or system, only available on crisis suit)
Backpack (jet pack*stealth/crisis* or weapon stableiser *broadside*)
Armour (light, medium or heavy
Chassis (tough and slow, mix or light and fast)
We think this lets you make your own suit, which can fit in any of the existing suits, bar riptide... We shooed that OP shit under the carpet...

We think the suits will be able to fit a stealth module in somehow, perhaps if 'light chassis' is chosen? But late game having shadow suns stealth suit will cool
Weapons will include all the codex ones along with forge world hammerhead ones maybe late game... With better weapons taking up more parts limiting what you can do

This is so far just a ray of light in my head... Not a seizure I promise :wink:
Any help on the exact values will be great... My greatest fear is to have OP/unbalanced characters, I would hate to have one class or build redundant or impossible
Ideas for missions will be as welcome as being told I'm a retard.... Do it LIKE THIS :ireful2::laugh:
So yeah... It's very early yet but I think it's doable, it'll build like a mech in Titanfall or another game where you build and customise a mech... I'm very close minded to the outside gaming world I've found out...
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