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Good day and hello. Proper manners dictates that I should make an introduction thread, so this is mine.
I logged in here primarily out of curiosity, to see what the "other" forums are up to. cccp_one had mentioned this site on our forums. Yes, I am a member of 40kforums. I occasionaly bounce about to other game forums just to see what their up to. And offer myself as diplomat if any of you have a problem with ours.
You may see a few of our members bounce in and out for the next few days as we are currently being transferred over to a new, faster and shiny server.
Should they be a problem let me know about it through PM and they will be "addressed".
I recognize a few nicks on here such as hespithe and cccp_one, so I won't be surprised if I see a few more.

Thank you for your time and attention