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Good day and hello. Proper manners dictates that I should make an introduction thread, so this is mine.
I logged in here primarily out of curiosity, to see what the "other" forums are up to. cccp_one had mentioned this site on our forums. Yes, I am a member of 40kforums. I occasionaly bounce about to other game forums just to see what their up to. And offer myself as diplomat if any of you have a problem with ours.
You may see a few of our members bounce in and out for the next few days as we are currently being transferred over to a new, faster and shiny server.
Should they be a problem let me know about it through PM and they will be "addressed".
I recognize a few nicks on here such as hespithe and cccp_one, so I won't be surprised if I see a few more.

Thank you for your time and attention
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Hey Spy

Welcome to the Forums even if you are only here for a short amount of time. Hope you like what you see
Sorry mate - didn't mean it to sound like that. Didn't mean anything cryptic about it. You just said that you are here while your forum is being upgraded so I assumed that you would be heading back later - not that we have a problem with that. - We'd be doing the same thing as you if we were in your postion again. Anyway enjoy your time with us :)
Hey mate - can't you take a joke. It seems that your forum is full of it. Ever thought your name change could have been in response to something you wrote.

Just been reading a very interesting little thread over there in which you slag off basically every other forum on the net. Guess what, not everybody will take that particulry well. Now let me do something which you have done many times over your time as a mod on the oh so perfect 40kforums, lock a forum with the locker having the final word.

And please be aware that any trolling on our boards by you will result in a instant banning.

You don't insult our forum or our admin who has built this site from the ground up and get away with it. We don't like banning but sometimes, well, people just ask for it.

Have a nice day.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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