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Destroyers move 12in and fire.

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Ok I am worried that after I invest in my new Necron army that the book is going to come out and say that Destroyers can no longer move 12in and fire or that the weapon they use is no longer assault 3.

Anybody heard any rumors relating to that or Necrons in general?
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Erm... The Gauss Cannon isn't assault anyway. It is Heavy 3.

Destroyers have always moved like a type of Jetbike, which means they have the Relentless USR = they can move and then shoot any type of weapon as if they didn't move, and can then also assault afterwards.

There is no reason to suspect that GW would make a Fast Attack option slower, because then it wouldn't be fast any more...
I usually play the big games with 3 or 5 other people, making between 6k and 20k per side.
Not really. The amount of fire-power you can pump out at 20k is really amazing, there isn't much of anything left by turn 3...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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