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Destroyers move 12in and fire.

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Ok I am worried that after I invest in my new Necron army that the book is going to come out and say that Destroyers can no longer move 12in and fire or that the weapon they use is no longer assault 3.

Anybody heard any rumors relating to that or Necrons in general?
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The standard BRB rules for jetbikes are that they can move 12" and fire any weapon, so I think its unlikely that destroyers will change too much, especially since they're meant to be fast moving heavy support for the necron army... which is what they are now. I have no idea what the gauss cannon would become in a new codex but as long as they stay jetbikes it doesnt matter if it becomes RF or heavy instead of assault since they ignore it anyway. If anything I would think that it might change to something like heavy 2 AP3 but they should still fill a similar role whatever happens.
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