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Descriptions of Horus vs Images of him.

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Maybe it is just me, but when reading HH books with the descriptions of Horus, I don't imagine him in the Terminator armour with no peripheral vision and huge quantities of plugs in his bald scalp.

I was just looking at the picture that is here : http://www.blacklibrary.com/Images/BL/blog/2010/07/Age2.jpg

And while it is a nice fearsome depiction, that is completely at odds with the charasmatic, standing on the bridge looking out into space, wounded unto death by the anethma character I have in my head.

Anyone else, or am I the only one ?
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actually, if you look at the picture that was done for the "fulgrim" book, youll see Fulgrim slashing away at, ummmm, hmmmm, you know (pause for research) AH! Ferrus Manus.
Ferrus himself is wearing some armor, but on his back is some strange barrel like thing/backpack and at the front of his face is a strange chin shield. Ferrus cant look behind him, heck, cant even look down with easy. total blind spot, but, up until he got owned by Fulgrim, it was never a problem.

{Credit due: goes to http://itkovian.blogspot.com/ since i pulled the pic from their website. apparently i cannot make the machine gods happy by following simple instructions and posting the website address and making it attach and sum such things. Fickle machine god!)
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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