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Bit of an update on Descent Of Angels from the Black Library website. Its not much but it is something.

"02/08/2007 : Descent of Angels

For all you Horus Heresy fans who are desperate to know more about Mitchel Scanlon's new novel Descent of Angels, we can now reveal more details. This story gives a unique insight into the history of the Dark Angels, seen through the eyes of aspirant Astartes Zahariel. When the Imperial fleet rediscovers the planet Caliban, the Emperor is reunited with his missing son the primarch Lion'el Jonson. As Dark Angels old and new join the Great Crusade, a chain of events is set in motion that will change Caliban, its people, and the Legion for ever. Note that we’ve decided to launch this book all over the world at the same time so it will now be in stores everywhere for 5th November."

Seems to be saying that they are starting right back at the very begining. That should be very interesting.
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