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Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/136317723/demigods-rising-clash-of-heroes
Funding Goal: $49,000
Current Funding: $12,934
Days Left: 44

Gather your heroes, challenge your friends, become the God of War! A fantasy tactical skirmish game for 2 or 4 players.

In the Time of Chaos, the God of War was the supreme ruler over all the other gods. When the Time of Peace came, it lasted so long that the God of War started to lose his power. He grew weaker as the years went by and was pushed aside by the other gods. As his power faded and he felt that the end was near, he gave task to his four children, the demigods, to prove themselves as the most exemplary commanders on the field of battle. The one who emerges victorious will become the new God of War and bring the former glory to their name.

Demigods Rising is a Skirmish-style board game in which players take the roles of the demigods, commanding armies of heroes to prove supremacy over others and ascend as the new God of War. As a demigod, a player initially has access to 20 heroes from which they can chose their army. With these choices made, a demigod then faces his opponent(s) on the sacred battleground.

When designing Demigods Rising we drew our inspiration from Chess, Heroes of Might and Magic and MOBA games such as DOTA & DOTA2 and League of Legends. We are bringing you a game with great replayability that is easy to learn but relies heavily on hard-to-master tactics through which victory can be achieved in multiple game modes by fulfilling different conditions.

- Demigods Rising features 38760 possible team combinations so you won’t ever have to play with the same team. What’s even better, this number of combinations gets higher as you decide to play with 7, 8 or 9 heroes. And that’s only the base game. How’s that for replayability?

Pledge Level: $79(lowest level that gets the full game) up to $1,995.00 (if YOU want to be a part of the game itself)

OP Note:
At first look (and I'm going to be honest here) this game looks like it has a lot of things going on and may be a bit complicated. At the same time, I like that and I don't. If it's as tough as I think it's going to be, then that means it's not going to be a one of those games where you can knock 4 or 5 games out in an afternoon. What I'm really interested in are the models though (yes, I have a model addiction). The sculpts are very nice. The cost of an individual model though is approaching the higher side at $15 each, if you buy them individually. Not as bad as some systems out there, but can add up real quick.
One last thing I want to make note of. I've joined 9 kickstarters now, and never got a message like the one I'm going to copy/paste at the bottom. This just impressed me and just made me feel good that I can help them out.

"Hey Nicolas,
Thank you for backing us, it really means allot, to know that someone else believes in your dream. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
And we will appreciate if you could spread a word about Demigods Rising. :)
Milos - Demigods Rising team"

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This looks like it could be alot of fun... I'll have to look into it some more.

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Hi guys!
Thank you all for showing your interest in Demigods Rising!
There are only 3 days left till the end of our campaign! There have been a lot of changes since the beginning and we hope that you like the shape Demigods Rising is taking!
Final 3 days will decide about the final number of SG's that will be unlocked, and we have some nice SG's waiting in line.
If you still haven't seen how Demigods Rising is played, you can check the video done by Jogando Offline here:

Or if you want a second opinion, you can check out the review of Demigods Rising by Beasts of War here:

Once again, thank you for your support!
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