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Generally, starting on turn 2, you will roll 1d6 for EACH unit that will be arriving from reserves. On the roll of a 4+ they will arrive. More than one unit can arrive each turn.
On turn 3, you will need a 3+, and a 2+ on turn 4 on. A roll of a '1' is always a failure to arrive, even if the unit fails to arrive for the entire game and misses out completely.

Eldar Autarchs actually reduce the roll by 1 for each turn, so that Eldar units can arrive on a 3+ on turn 2, instead of the usual 4+. Dark Angel Deathwing armies have a special rule that allows them to deepstrike a full half of their Terminator units on the first turn.

So, while the first paragraph outlines the typical reserve methods used by most armies, there are a few special rules to watch out for. Hope this was helpful.
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