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Dedicated transport rule

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One SM Terminator squad may have ONE dedicated transport, does it count as one unit or two. Dedicated transports do not take up any slots and are selected together as one plus any independent character. (pg 67 mini rule book)
Part 2, so if it is one UNIT can a psychic ability target the transport?
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It counts as one Force Organization Slot but two units. Check out the BRB on pg 92 under "Multiple Unit Choices" for more info. :Victory:

Any ability that can affect a vehicle can be targeted at a DT. If you mean whilst the unit is in the transport, then no, unless the aster is also inside. See the BRB FAQ for that one.
Yeah, he's with a squad, not with a vehicle. He's inside a vehicle and is counted as a separate unit.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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