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So, I'm thinking my army will end up being an Iron Hands successor chapter, but I am not overly fond of their logo (which is also absent from every transfer sheet I have). I was thinking about trying to make my own, which would probably look better and it'd make it easier to decide to switch chapter tactics, should I want to.

The problem: I am not that good at free-hand painting. So, it seems like my options are to try to somehow distort an existing decal set to look unique (which I assume will end up looking not good), to maybe make a stencil, or to find a way to print my own transfer sheets (or more likely, to have them printed). Anyone know of either a tutorial for making a tiny stencil or a place that could custom print transfers (or ideas how to do your own)?


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It really isn't that hard to make your own water transfer decals. You just need the paper, a printer and few other things that you probably have or can easily get. Most of it is just getting the image you want and get the image the right size of the image so you have to fiddle with the printer size adjustments. I always printed a few test pages before I put in water transfer paper just to make sure it was correct. Here are some youtube videos that show you how easy it is to do.

https://youtu.be/r3jZDQamA90 (warning contains images of bare female breast and nipples)



https://youtu.be/e2X_HL-4F90 ( it is for a guitar pedal but the decals are custom water transfer decals)
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