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Deathwing WIP - Pic Heavy (updated 3/1)

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And it begins....I have finally started my deathwing army. This thread will be updated as I make progress.

My HQ:
Master of teh Deathwing (until the codex release):

His side with a mantle of feathers off the shoulder. There will be more feathers covering the whole arm:

My Librarian (actually it's an old inquisitor in terminator armor, but it has a psycannon, force weapon, and psychic hood.):

My chaplain:

His storm bolter arm:
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Looking good. The banner came out well, too. Simple bordering, but still, it'll look cool when it's painted.
What are the metal bits on the lightning claw shoulder pad? I can normally place bits pretty well, but I don't recognize those. From the Inquisitor range, perhaps?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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