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i wanted some sternguard for my sallies but i didn't want just any sternguard, nosireebob, i wanted a badass deathwatch kill team!:grin:

so, off i went to bitsandkits and got a shit load of plastic DW pads and then got myself an assault squad box and got busy with the poly cement.

here's the first off the painting table, a blood raven

i've put together a 5-man squad and a librarian:

1 space wolf
1 salamander
1 blood angel
1 blood raven

and 2 other chapters that i'm undecided on so any suggestions, shout 'em out :eek:k:
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it :)

As for priming, I use Halford's own brand car primer. It's better value for money and you can use it on resin
black is a pain in the ass to highlight. i am currently painting sisters of battle for a client, and i have to say its been hard making black look super detailed. im so use to base wash highlight. it a tad different with black.although the primer i use is light black so i still can use black wash on it and get an effect. i just hate mixing a batch of darkend grey paint.
finished the libby

sorry bout the dodgy pics, my camera battery died so i'll take some better ones once i've charged it up

next on the block is the heavy bolter marine who is going to be blood angel
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looks fantastic. I'd rep you again, but gotta spread it around a bit first.
The Librarian conversion is excellent. Nice paint jobs too.
Very very nice looking DW, makes me want to make up a squad :D
Very sexy models ya got there bro, can't wait to see more.
I'm really liking your style here. Good job.

I've been thinking about doing some Deathwatch also- especially since the RPG came out.
Excellent work sir! The kind of pictures that make we want to start painting when I see them.
At odin,

The RPG isn't out till the 28th, not the core book anyway.
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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