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i wanted some sternguard for my sallies but i didn't want just any sternguard, nosireebob, i wanted a badass deathwatch kill team!:grin:

so, off i went to bitsandkits and got a shit load of plastic DW pads and then got myself an assault squad box and got busy with the poly cement.

here's the first off the painting table, a blood raven

i've put together a 5-man squad and a librarian:

1 space wolf
1 salamander
1 blood angel
1 blood raven

and 2 other chapters that i'm undecided on so any suggestions, shout 'em out :eek:k:
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Personally, I'd like to see a bit more variety than just the Legions we're all used to.

I've just gone through this list (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/List_of_Space_Marine_Chapters), yes, every one, and found a list of the chapter Icons I like the look of (Asterisked ones, especially so)-

Angels of Vigilance
Aurora Chapter
Avenging Sons
Black Dragons
Brazen Minotaurs*
Brotherhood of a Thousand*
Celestial Lions*
Dark Hunters*
Dark Sons*
Death Spectres
Disciples of Caliban
Emperors Spears
Flame Eagles*
Flesh Tearers
Genesis Chapter
Golden Gryphons*
Guardians of the Covenant
Howling Gryphons*
Iron Lords
Iron Snakes*
Knights of Gryphonne*
Lion Warriors
Mentor Legion
Praetors of Orpheus*
Red Hunters*
Red Scorpions*
Red Templars*
Scythes of the Emperor
Sons of Guilleman
Sons of Orar*
Space Wolves
Star Dragons
Storm Hawks
Storm Wardens*
Tigers Argent
White Minotaurs
White Panthers
White Scars

Those are my choices anyway ;).

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1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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