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i wanted some sternguard for my sallies but i didn't want just any sternguard, nosireebob, i wanted a badass deathwatch kill team!:grin:

so, off i went to bitsandkits and got a shit load of plastic DW pads and then got myself an assault squad box and got busy with the poly cement.

here's the first off the painting table, a blood raven

i've put together a 5-man squad and a librarian:

1 space wolf
1 salamander
1 blood angel
1 blood raven

and 2 other chapters that i'm undecided on so any suggestions, shout 'em out :eek:k:
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Is that a plastic Libby I see? Didn't know they made one, assuming it is one, of course. However, if it was home made could you tell me how you did it?
I love the conversion, really well done, but I am not in love with hardlines. Looks really good regardless though.
At odin,

The RPG isn't out till the 28th, not the core book anyway.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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