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i wanted some sternguard for my sallies but i didn't want just any sternguard, nosireebob, i wanted a badass deathwatch kill team!:grin:

so, off i went to bitsandkits and got a shit load of plastic DW pads and then got myself an assault squad box and got busy with the poly cement.

here's the first off the painting table, a blood raven

i've put together a 5-man squad and a librarian:

1 space wolf
1 salamander
1 blood angel
1 blood raven

and 2 other chapters that i'm undecided on so any suggestions, shout 'em out :eek:k:
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I was thinking red scorpions for the libby but I'm undecided for the sarge. Perhaps when i put up a pic later you guys can suggest a suitable chapter for his 'look' :grin:
here's some wip pics of the rest of the squad

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It's a home made libby. I just used a normal marine as a base and went from there. The psychic hood is made from a shoulder.pad and some guitar string. The left hand comes from the terminator libby.
here's some wip shots of the libby. he's about 75% done now

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its te only way i know to highlight black.

the conversion is actually fairly easy to do, i think i took some pics of the torso during construction. i'll have a look and post them up if i can find them
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it :)

As for priming, I use Halford's own brand car primer. It's better value for money and you can use it on resin
finished the libby

sorry bout the dodgy pics, my camera battery died so i'll take some better ones once i've charged it up

next on the block is the heavy bolter marine who is going to be blood angel
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1 - 8 of 31 Posts
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