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Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters

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Welcome all to Death Watch: Xenos Hunters, in this roleplay you will be playing marines from varying chapters who have all been seconded to the Death Watch 'Chapter' the Imperium's elite of Xenos fighting marines, The Order Militant of the Ordos Xenos of the Inquisitotion, in the hopes that you will bring both glory to your chapter in the eyes of your Death Watch Brothers and should you survive your time in the watch experience in fighting the same foes with your chapter allowing your chapter to stand a much better chance of victory.

To begin with you shall all be starting at one of the six Watch-Fortress's during your training in the Death Watching before you take your 'Second Oath', the oath where you may once more don your armour and the 'Black' where your full training begins. Being from different chapters it means that chapter rivalries will be part of the roleplay for example the best known would be between the Space Wolves and Dark Angels, though it is the rivalries and differences of each chapter that makes Death-Watch Kill-Teams some of the best fighting forces of the Imperium.

All the standard rules apply, including the following:
1) No God Modding
2) Respect your fellow role-players.
3) I would like a minimum of 1 paragraph (10 sentences) for each post.
4) Roleplay battles will last a minimum of 2 updates when you fight one vs one or large enemies (such as dreadnoughts)
5) Follow the Character sheet.
6) Post atleast once per update.
7) Have Fun and warn me if you can’t post.
8) Stay IC.

I am looking for a minimum of 5 players to join.

Accepted Characters: Chaplain, Heavy Weapons Marine and Apocathery are limited to 1 each. Message me first to take one of these positions.

1) Nicodeme Rien - Marines Errant - Battle Brother - Darkreever
2) Nathanael Shethar - Dark Angels - Chaplain - Nol
3) Serafeim Pyrrhos - Salamanders - Heavy Weapons Specialist - Boxagonapus
4) Veyros Uk'Reltor - Carcharadons - Battle Brother / Champion - Krymson86
5) Daxos Argentus - Ultrmarines - Tyranid War Veteran - Kaiden
6) Herraud Oddar Oddarsson - Space Wolves - Long Fang - Dark Angel
7) Helios - Iron Snake - Apocathery - Angel of Blood
8) Jae Caligarus -Blood Angel - Veteran - Nacho Libre

Character Sheet:

Name: What is your name?

Age: How old are you? This roleplay takes place in M41.849

Chapter of Origin: All Chapters are open. Please provide a link to their background so no custom chapters or Grey Knights.

Type of Marine: Battle Brother, Sergeant, Champion (Company), Chaplain, Apocathery. You may also be chapter specific marines for example: Dark Angel Black Knight, Space Wolf Lone Wolf, Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard.

Personality: What is your marine like? Are they arrogant? Are they loyal? Personalities are often influenced by your chapter of Origin. For example Dark Angels and their successors are secretive with an air of superiority about them, Space Wolves would be loud and boisterous, Black Templars would be honourable and serious. Looking for atleast two decent paragraphs.

Physical Appearance: What do you look like? Long hair, short hair, bald? Tall and bulky? Short and athletic? Are you pale, are you tanned? Remember that certain gene-seed affects your appearance: Raven Guard have black eyes and pale skin (along with their successors), Space Wolves have fangs, Blood Angels and their successors have fangs aswell, Salamanders have crimson eyes and pure black skin. Looking for atleast two decent paragraphs again.

Background: Where did you grow up? What did you do when you joined your chapter of Origin? What was your life like within your origin chapter, what deeds did you commit? Why have you been chosen to join the Watch? Looking for atleast three decent paragraphs like the above.

Armour Appearance: Other than having it repainted to the colours of the Death Watch and the required upgrades, what does your armour look like? What mark of armour is it or is it a composite suit (similar to Artificer armour.) Looking for atleast a paragraph or two for description.

Weapons and Equipment: You may choose any of the following options as replacements for the following but you will also all have Combat Knife, Bolter, Bolt Pistol.

- Plasma Pistol
- Hand Flamer
- Melta / Infernus Pistol
- Combat Shield
- Extra Close Combat Weapon

- Flamer
- Plasma Gun
- Combi-Bolter
- Storm Bolter
- Melta-Gun
- Stalker Pattern Bolter

Combat Knife:
- Close Combat Weapon (Chainsword / Gladius)
- Power Sword
- Thunderhammer
- Power Fist
- Pair of Lightning Claws

Equipment: You may have three of the following should you wish to.
- Frag and Krak Grenades
- Melta-Bombs
- Bionics
- Weapon Scope
- Specialist Ammunition

Chaplain and Apocathery Only Equipment:
- Crozius (Replaces Combat Knife)
- Narthecarium (Apocathery Only)

Heavy Weapons Marine Only: Automatically Changes bolter for one of the following:
- Heavy Bolter
- Multi-Melta
- Las-Cannon
- Plasma Cannon
- Heavy Flamer
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If you're not a Blood Angel or successor, You want to be more than a few centuries younger than Dante. The Blood Angels are uniquely long lived as it is, but Dante even more so. He's in the mid to late thousand now.
If you're not a Blood Angel or successor, You want to be more than a few centuries younger than Dante. The Blood Angels are uniquely long lived as it is, but Dante even more so. He's in the mid to late thousand now.
Captain Lysander was lost in the warp for 1000 years and he is quoted saying "He does not remember a time when Lord Dante was NOT leading the Blood Angels."

I agree with AoD, Blood Angels and their successors are supremely long lived compared to other marines so i would suggest a blood angel or one of their successors if you want to be old. But there is no way your going to be in the Death-Watch at 1000 years old.
Could very easily be 2,000 or more by now then.
Still needs to have Eternal Warrior to really be good on table top, though atleast his axe isnt unwieldly.
He does have eternal warrior. And his axe is ap2 +2 S. Dante is a beast now, as he should be.
I was shooting for either 700-800 TBH. If that is reasonable.

Also nobody knows who the Angels of Iron are successors to anyways. :p
Sounds Imperial Fist or Iron Hand Successor.
Probably an Ultramarine successor
Have to ask, why does your marine need to be that old anyway other than to be the old one of the group?

Also, despite the fact that marines rarely live to see the natural end of their lives they do eventually get old and are removed from front-line battlefield roles. In the novel Angels of Darkness there is a marine who was more than six hundred years old but because his body was starting to slow he was put on a garrison duty (that does not mean he was unable to do anything, since he had proved capable of dispatching Orks earlier in the book.)

Honestly, the oldest character so far is what? Three hundred? Why do you need to have a character who is more than double that?
Character type I am shooting for. Nothing more, Nothing less.

I just wanted a Character that has lived long enough to do everything, and be very capable at it.

If its really such a Problem then nevermind. Different interpretations for different folks.
Finished my bio though I'll understand if you want more in a couple of sections.
Asomodia the events of your characters history are very OP if i was to choose a word. While there arent many Hrud left their entropic fields alone would of almost killed you especially after 12 hours fighting them.
Ok, I can tone them down. Didn't that much about the Hrud. Just wanted to slip in some less common Xenos.
Hey all. I'd be very interested in joining this RP. Quick question first, can i use a character from an older RP, I really liked the way he was shaping up but the story fizzled. I've got a new one in mind if not.
I would suggest a new character as this rp actually has a set time in which it takes place.
No Prob, I'll get straight to work :)
Name: Daxos Argentus

Age: 247

Chapter of Origin: Ultramarines

Rank: Tyrannic War Veteran

Personality: From a young age Daxos distinguished himself from others in his academy by way of his jovial manner; he carried out his drills and lessons with a sly smile on his lips. A far departure from the ranks of grimm determined faces Daxos seemed to relish the life of an aspirant. Following his initiation into the scout company this trait became all the more pronounced, he was always ready with a encouraging clap on the shoulder or quick remark, leadership came naturally to him, no doubt a result of his noble birth and upbringing. For his first century of service it seemed Daxos was destined for command, he was well loved by his brothers of the 3rd company and performed his duty with such skill and honour as to earn approval from his superiors.

Then everything changed at Macragge.

As the elements of the 3rd and 7th companies descended into the blood soaked chambers of the southern polar fortress, amongst the bodies of the Chapter’s finest and the uncountable, mangled xenos remains something new was born inside Daxos, a pure hatred. It was a different emotion from the detached feeling of revulsion he had felt when he had purged the Orks wearing a warrior’s smile or even the distain the vile practices of the Dark Eldar evoked. This was red hot, seething rage. The Tyranids were not predicable enemies one could face on the battlefield, nor were they an elusive prey to be hunted, they were a virus, an abomination and extermination was the only cure. In this moment a destiny beyond command of a company became clear to Daxos, he would be the end of these foul xenos. Though he retains much of his former warm manner there is a new steel to his voice and his warrior’s spirit burns bright with new purpose.

Background: Born to one of the many noble houses of Ultramar, Daxos Argentus began his training as soon as he was of age. His was a family with a proud heritage of service and tradition and he would either succeed as an aspirant of the Ultramarines chapter or die in the attempt. Upon his elevation to the ranks of the tenth company, though he was not the sharpest shot nor the deadliest with a blade, Daxos excelled at the strategy and tactics of battle, he showed an innate understanding for battle deployments and manoeuvres. This talent coupled with solid combat skills and a quick mind eventually drew the attention of the Captain of the 3rd company and when his rotation through the devastator and assault roles was complete Daxos was drafted into the newly reformed Squad Leoric where he served with distinction for many decades.

During the battle for Macragge and the ensuing skirmishes with the Tyranids, Daxos earned several distinctions for his ability to quickly react and adapt to the ever changing behaviour of the swarm, however his innovation when the codex astartes did not offer a concrete strategy earned him the ire of some of the chapters more traditionalist brothers. At the conclave of Herra Daxos spoke at length of what he had observed fighting the tyranids and suggested that in order to combat such a rapidly evolving foe the ultramarines themselves would need to adapt. For his skill and insight in fighting the tyranid foe Daxos was selected by Chaplain Cassius to join the newly formed Tyrannic War Veterans.

For almost a century Daxos has defended the Imperium against the most foul Xenos the galaxy has ever known, passing on his wisdom to new generations of ultramarines and now as he prepared to take his Apocryphon Oath and don the black armour of the Deathwatch he will pass his knowledge on to brothers of other chapters so that together humanity can better weather the coming storm.

Physical Appearance: Undeniably noble in appearance Daxos bears the legacy of his gene father with pride. Tall and broad even amongst his post human kin, Daxos exudes an aura of confidence and physical prowess. In keeping with the traditions of his militaristic upbringing Daxos is always clean shaven and his jet black hair his is cropped close. His eyes are a deep icy blue, giving the otherwise gregarious Astartes a cold piercing gaze that when turned in anger has on more than one occasion been enough to cow the most pompous of imperial officials.

The horrors of constant war and battle drills have left remarkably little damage on Daxos’s body, his lightly tanned skin for the most part unblemished save for minor scratches, his two silver service studs and his only major battle scar. A series of puncture wounds along his neck and shoulder, the death bite of a Tyranid Warrior: a momento of the battle of Macragge and a constant reminder of his most hated foe.

Armour Appearance: Daxos has the honour of wearing a suit of customised Mk 7 Aquila pattern power armour. Dubbed the Bastion of Macragge the tech marines of the 3rd company insist to this day that it is only by the will of his armour’s machine spirit that he did not perish after taking the full force of an Ork Warboss’ hammer.

After the Cleansing of Espandor and his elevation to the newly formed Tyrannic War Veterans, Daxos began to optimise his armour for his new duties. He began by replaced his right vambrace to include an auspex to keep his hands ready for combat and upgraded his chest plate to the newer Errant pattern, the exposed cabling and joints now protected by holy ceramite. Unlike many other veterans of the battle of Macragge Daxos chose not to take any trophies from the hated xenos, instead choosing to painstakingly inscribe litanies of hatred and duty into the sword and skull motif of his new order.

Weapons and equipment: Stalker Pattern Bolter with Weapon Scope and Specialist Ammunition. Power Sword. Frag & Krak Grenades.
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Looking good Kaiden, your in the accepted list.

Asmodai, any possibility you could add more to each section now that you've toned it down?
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