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I joined this forum purely to RP..

And so RP I shall.

Space Wolf Calling in!


Name: Valfar Bloodmantle

Age: 41

Chapter of Origin: Space Wolves (Harald Deathwolf's Great Company) (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Space_Wolves)

Type of Marine: Blood Claw

Personality: Valfar and his fellow Blood Claw pack were particularly infamous among Harald Deathwolf's Great Company for their fiercely animalistic and youthful aggression and their arrogant tongue. Valfar is known to charge in and ask questions later, if at all. This commonly works to his detriment, as it does many of his fellow pack brothers as he will commonly rush towards traps and other dangers without thinking his plans through. However, this leaves him utterly without fear or hesitation and, like many Space Wolves, he relishes the chance to face down against foes far beyond his strength and size.

Though only serving with the Space Wolves for a relatively short length of time, Valfar has found himself particularly loathing the Tau of all of his enemies. He finds their ranged tactics and brilliance on technology cowardly and poncy and often enjoys stripping more physically slight races such as Tau, Eldar and even Imperial Guardsmen down to nothing and brutally beating them to death with his iron fists.

Physical Appearance: Valfar's hair is long and red and darts back like a large wolf's mane or a bursting flame. His face is youthful and fairly unscarred from battle. His dark eyes set deep within his face, giving him a dark, glaring demeanor rather fitting of his aggressive and malicious personality. His long, fanged teeth, a genetic gift of Leman Russ, are often bared in a snarling roar or intimidating grin. Over his right eye, often paints a red war stripe with the blood of his kills.

He speaks not with civility or decorum, instead quite literally growling his threats and insults in a deep, gravelly voice, accented heavily with his Fenrissian origin.

Background: Valfar, like all Space Wolves, was born on the dark, frozen planet of Fenris. Among his tribe, he was both lauded and loathed for his aggressive nature and hostility even towards his own kin. His fierce independence, fiery temper and sheer lack of fear earned him his place among the Space Wolves.

Venturing out in to the wilderness of Fenris, Valfar came across a colossal and aggressive Fenrissian Elk. The beast charged him but the young tribesman was able to use his wit and cunning to dodge the attack. He quickly leaped on to the beast and, with a furious hacking of his axe, removed the creatures head clean from it's body. At that moment, a Wolf Priest of the Chapter had arrived at the village to challenge it's youth. Valfar returned, dragging his trophy behind him. The Wolf Priest looked at Valfar from beneath his cowl. Valfar merely snorted at him, flinging the colossal, bloody antlered head at him. The Wolf Priest merely laughed, naming him Valfar Bloodmantle after his impressive kill and welcoming him to drink from the Cup of Wulfen and undergo the Trial of Morkai and, should he succeed, serve under the legendary Harald Deathwolf and feast and revel in his halls.

Valfar barely survived the trial, almost completely succumbing to his mutated rage. When he finally returned to the Fang, he was a monstrous, beastly shadow of his former human self.

When the Inquisition approached the Space Wolves (gingerly, as they would) and requested that some of their number join the Deathwatch, Valfar willingly offered himself. To him, the Deathwatch was the perfect opportunity to face off against the biggest, most frightening of creatures and bath himself in blood and glory.

Armour Appearance: Valfar bears the power armour of the Deathwatch, a shadowy midnight black with a steel spaulder bearing the I of the Inquisition. On his other shoulder, he bears red pauldron of Harald Deathwolf who's symbol, a black wolf eating the sun, only adds to his menacing appearance. His armour itself is very poorly kept, with it's paintwork chipped and scratched all over and it's deep black tarnished with dirt, grime and the blood of xenos species. Additionally, Valfar's fervorous cultural loyalty has lead to him inscribing runes glorifying his Wolf Lord and his Pack brothers on his right thigh plate.

He never wears a helmet, even when it would be tactically wise to do so, instead choosing to expose himself so that he may look his foe straight in the eye, roar openly at it and paint his face with it's blood after it had fallen. Over his Deathwatch pauldron, he drapes the hide of a Fenrissian Elk which then comes to lie down his back as a cloak and attach beneath his Space Wolf pauldron.

Weapons and Equipment:

- Combat Knife
- Bolt Pistol
- Chainsword

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Only just seen your post KingAlle, it looks goof save for the following things:

You will need to wear a helmet especially if you end up on a space hulk and other hostile environments.

Your elk hide will compromise your stealth capabilities of your armour as it doesnt have the armour itself has when its repainted black.

Thats all i can think of for now. and welcome to Heresy
It probably took a while to show up due to me being a new member.

Helmet - I'm sure I can compromise on the helmet, especially if we're entering Space Hulks and the like.

Cloak - As my character description points out, Valfar rushes his foes and doesn't really know the meaning of stealth or subtlety.
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