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Name - Jae Caligarus

Age - 114 years old (born M41.735)

Chapter of Origin - Jae hails from the blood Angels where he served as a battle brother with the well renowned 4th company "knights of "Baal". He was inducted into the deathwatch due to his bravery and ferociousness when he was in combat.

Personality - Much like the many others from his chapter Jae is cold and calculated, an attribute branded into him due to his chapters flaw. When with his other battle brothers he indulges in many of the hobbies that the blood angels are known to partake in; such as art and bladecraft.

In battle he has a deranged madness that comes upon him which has caused the sanguinary priests on Baal to question his health. Nonetheless he has gained the reputation of being an outstanding battle brother and comrade even after these questionable moments. His bravery was first noted by the deathwatch during the battle of the Omnissiah's eye and they have been watching him ever since. When they finally came for him he was waiting.

Physical Appearance -

Standing at 7'1 without armour Jae stands slightly shorter than his battle brothers. He is slightly thinner than your average space marine. Which is most likely due to a childhood spent in the radioactive wastes of Baal secundus. His hair is jet black and is cut close to his scalp, clearly showing an array of scars from bolt shrapnel which he was hit by years before. He has dark blue eyes which show a flare of dangerous intellect.

Upon his neck lays a map of high Gothic litanies written by sanguinius during the great crusades. Along with the tattoos he also has 3 adamantium service studs from his years of unwavering loyalty to the emperor and the imperium.

Background - Born on Baal's second moon into the Blood, Jae learned about the dangers of life at a very young age. The threat of mutants and cannibals along with feral animals was great and many of Jae's friends and family died due to these. At the age of 10 Jae had no family and no hope left of Baal, so the village elders put him forward for the trials.

Being a smaller, weaker child, Jae found the trials extra difficult. But he prevailed in the end. Dragging his radiation tainted body to the storm raven where it would take him to the great Baal...his new life.

As the years went by and the people of the Blood that Jae used to know were long dead he would still be serving in the blood angels chapter. From his promotion from the scout company at the age of 65 to the battles he would serve in, he would never forget his home.

Armour appearance - Jae wears a full suit of archaic mk4 power armour which has been in the 4th company since the introduction of the codex Astartes. The armour was given to him upon his introduction to the deathwatch as a gift/trinket to represent his chapter with. On the breastplate of the armour is a large blood drop shaped stone which was carved from Baal's red mountains.

The original 6 vented helmet from the mk4 armour has had 3 of its vents replaced with the Blood Angels chapter iconography. On his right shoulder pad Jae has a number of purity seals rewarded to him over the years. Many of them ragged and yellowed with age.

Weapons -

Plasma pistol
Power sword

· Irn Bru 32!
1,434 Posts
Think you would be able to expand each of the paragraphs about more? and also if the sanguinary priests of your own chapter fear you could fall to the rage i would doubt they would let you join the Death-Watch.
I'll take the rage thing out.

My writing skills are exhausted so I'm not sure I can write more.

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