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Lately, I've really been kicking myself for selecting "Have Faith in Suspicion" for my Chapter's drawback trait. While it's the perfect choice for the character of the Chapter, I've always liked the librarian models, and the new ones that came out with the Dark Angels release about a year ago are particularly good looking. It occured to me that I could go around the issue of my Chapter's witch phobia by fielding a Librarian in charge of a Deathwatch Kill Team. I'm only going to take the time (and spend the money, at that!) to make a single Deathwatch squad, so I want to make sure they're pretty optimized. So what do you all think of this setup? I'm aiming to get as close to 500 points as possible (for that round, easy-to-add-ness) without going overboard on Veterans. Thoughts?

Librarian (Keep in mind the Deathwatch leader has to be a Codicer if he's a Librarian)
-Veil of Time, Psychic Hood, Force Sword, Bolt Pistol, Iron Halo, Familiar, Terminator Honours, frag and krak grenades

Five Deathwatch Kill Team Astartes
-Boltguns, close combat weapons, frag and krak grenades, Inferno Bolts (not to be confused with the Thousand Sons' Inferno Bolts-- Deathwatch inferno bolts allow the squad's bolters to re-roll failed to-wound rolls.) True Grit.

Two Deathwatch Kill Team Astartes
-Braced Heavy Bolters, close combat weapons, frag and krak grenades, True Grit (which is redundant since they come with it, but forfeit their bolters for the braced heavy bolters, but it's there all the same.)

Two Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans
-Boltguns, power fists, frag and krak grenades, True Grit. Unfortunately, Deathwatch Veterans can't have both a power fist and special ammunition, so I'm a little torn on whether it's worthwhile to include two of them or just have one and put my faith in the special ammunition and let a single power fist suffice. It does in Tactical squads, after all, but a Deathwatch Kill Team is hardly a standard Tactical Squad.

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Braced HBs? You can choose which to fire, either moving or braced. No need to choose!

My suggestion would be to have faith in the special ammo, because the Force Weapon will deal with any nasties in CC, and melta bombs will take care of those pesky tanks. They're cheaper too!


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Seems like a good unit. All I can offer is the kraken rounds for special ammo. Unless your planning to engage in combat, the extra range and AP of 4 would help wipe out medium level infantry (tau and aspect warriors leap to mind). Otherwise not bad.

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Sounds good, pretty optimal for Deep Striking.

You'll want to swap the Powerfists for another two Marines, armed with Kraken bolts if you choose to set up normally. Cheaper, and allows you to set up well out of charge range, and blow away at squads.

If you're facing an ork or similar low leadership army such as guard, i'd consider swapping the Veil of Time for Fear of Darkness, and Teleport in.


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i like the setup you've got...seems optimized to me.

i'd think you'd want to include as many bolters/heavy bolters as possible; as you're paying the extra points for the deathwatch any way, you may as well get the full benefits of the specialist ammunition. that's as far as my logic takes me :biggrin:

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I was bored and decided to do a bit of research as to what chapters would best fit into a DW Kill Team.

Most common in DeathWatch:
Ultramarines (Tyranid, Orc)
Imperial Fists (Tyranid, Orc)
Crimson Fists (Tyranid, Orc)

Here are chapters known to readily contribute:
Sythes of the Emporer (Tyranid)
Lamentors (Tyranid)
Salamanders (Dark Eldar, Orc)
White Scars (Dark Eldar)

known to contribute but still not have best relation with inquisition
Blood Angels
Space Wolves

Known Inquisitor friendly chapters:
Red Hunters

Chapters with known alien fighting experience:
Hawk Lords (?)
Iron Fists (Orc, Eldar, Tyranid)
Iron Snakes (Orc, Dark Eldar)

Chapters with experience with specific kinds of aliens:

Angels of Absolution
Omega Marines
Silver Skulls
Angels Encarmine
Angels of Porphyr
Angels of Redemption
Doom Warriors
Iron Champions
Imperial Harbingers
Marines Errant
Storm Lords

Steel Confessors
Knights of the Raven

Avenging Sons
Eagle Warriors
Iron Lords
Night Watch
Nova Marines

Astral Knights

Sons of Anteaus

Dark Eldar:
Sons of Guilliman

Chapters unlikely to be Inquisitor friendly (not to say they wouldn't join the DW since some of these chapters have known notable members):
Black Templars
Celestial Lions
Dark Angels
Disciples of Caliban
Flesh Tearers
Iron Hands
Legion of the Damned
Mantis Warriors
Marines Malevolent
Black Dragons
Flesh Eaters
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