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Deathwatch: Ignition & Graphic Novel

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Apparantly Deathwatch: Overkill will be joined by two new BL releases this Saturday. The novel Deathwatch: Ignition, and a so far untitled Deathwatch graphic novel.

Bell of Lost Souls said:
Deathwatch Ignition Novel: $27
Deathwatch Graphic Novel: $24
Not sure what the contents or page count on either is, but i'll be keeping an eye out.

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The graphic novel is a reprint of an ancient deatchwatch comic.

Edit: But ive been waiting for this deathwatch short story collection. Grabbed!
Finished it. A bit over average, some of the stories was good and had plenty of character. Others was mostly bolter porn. But the one with the white scar and his cyber eagle really stood out, a really characterful story.

I give it a solid 7/10. At first i didnt think there was an overarching narrative, but it all comes by at the last story. And mindful of the upcomming Deathwatch game, its clearly tailored as an introduction to the plot in it. And I would expect to see a tie in novella followup. Just like the tiein novella for the assassin game Execution force.
Definitely another homerun for Fehervari.
My take on his story:

I noticed that Branathar have a similar 'problem' as the commisar in Fire caste. While it was a neat take, i do hope he wont keep reusing this trope.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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