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Deathwatch: Ignition & Graphic Novel

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Apparantly Deathwatch: Overkill will be joined by two new BL releases this Saturday. The novel Deathwatch: Ignition, and a so far untitled Deathwatch graphic novel.

Bell of Lost Souls said:
Deathwatch Ignition Novel: $27
Deathwatch Graphic Novel: $24
Not sure what the contents or page count on either is, but i'll be keeping an eye out.

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Interested in what you think, this is one I am tempted to get. The list of authors though... Ben Counter is a plus and Peter Fehervari is eleven pluses out of ten, and Mark Clapham's IG novel was great. But the rest, I either haven't read them or I have and it wasn't memorable or good.

Definitely another homerun for Fehervari.
My take on his story:

I noticed that Branathar have a similar 'problem' as the commisar in Fire caste. While it was a neat take, i do hope he wont keep reusing this trope.
I can see the similarities, but I wouldn't call it a go-to template for him just yet.

Assuming anyone serving in the Imperium for a period of time would have deep regrets from one thing or another, and the warp-rich undercurrent which permeates throughout Fehervari's storylines would likely make these regrets and "ghosts" near corporeal.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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