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I've faced a very similar army and it can be very effective but is vulnerable to flaming shooting and magic and killing blow attacks. You will be vulnerable to heavy artillery and shooting but can have good magic defense with the coach eating up power dice (1+ per magic phase) and by upgrading to a lvl 3 vamp lord. Protect the coach until it becomes ethereal and avoid magic shooting and attacks and the coach is very tough to kill in support of the blood knight unit.

The Wright King BSB with or without the regen banner is needed for the blood knights (re-roll frenzy checks and CR). Also, if you're that invested in a unit, exploit it and beef it up. I'd be running at least 8 blood knights and the wright BSB with another vamp in that unit. The ability of the Vamp Lord to resurrect knights by killing in combat is a key component of the strategy. I'd shift to more Vamps and run at least a lvl 3 and a couple lvl 1's and drop the necro and some of the corpse carts. Also, the black coach will eat up power dice, so focus on fighting vamps and don't count on magic. Use Black Per. to carry unused power dice over to the next magic phase to dispel and to carry over unused dispel dice (due to miscasts or failures to cast leading to not using them) to your magic phase. One strategy is to use cheap bound spells and level 1 vamps to make single dice cast attempts. You have no risk of miscasts and a failed casting attempt has no effect because the caster only needs to make one casting attempt per turn. If successful, they will tend to eat up dispel dice and stretch the possibilities for the lvl 3 to successfully cast the big spells in vamp lore (which can be very strong).
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