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Deathguard or no Deathguard

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Im in the slow process of building my nurgle army.Iv noticed with the new chaos rules that having a squad of say ten renegade(The leperous Legion as there known)is more expensive than a squad of deathguard.My renegades have the banner of nurgle and all the regulare good stuff.My question is what does everyone think is better,renegades with a banner of nurgle or Deathguard.I find that there are positives to both groups

leperous legion 10 = 150 Plague Marines 7=161
aspi champion 1=15 plague cham 1=15
icon of nurgle 1=50 p/w 1=15
p/w 1=15 twin linked b 1=5
p/p 1=15 Troops
plasma gun 1=15 plasma gun 1=15
heavy bolter 1=10 plasma gun 1=15

270 p 226 p
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If you're going to walk the path of a specific god, just bring their servant Legion's troops. The only advantage you get from marines with the Icon of Nurgle is a point of initiative and the option to have a heavy weapon, which you don't need particularly in the first place.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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