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I have too much stuff, too little space and a desire for more.

So, a number of odd items will be periodically offered for sale here in his thread. I'm not putting them on ebay, I can't be bothered with that damn place.

Everything is sold as seen, most of it sadly neglected or in need of finishing (or stripping).

I'm looking for £££ through paypal, I'll put up an asking price, but feel free to make me offers via private messages. I will post internationally, but expect there to be an additional postage charge.

Here goes...

Converted Nurgle/Deathguard Possessed Predator: £25

Converted Nurgle/Deathguard Vindicator: £25

Converted Daemon Prince Mortarion: £20

Converted Nurgle/Deathguard Dreadnought £20

RT era Renegade Dreadnoguht £10

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