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Deathfire - Best HH book in ages ***spoilers***

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Wow wow wowsy wow.

After the recent dross released which haven't done anything for the story Deathfire comes right back with an excellent story which had me reading with glee until the very last page and the last page hit me right between the eyes in a way that only Fulgrim did before hand.

I was truly expecting the story to end on a cliffhanger with Numeon dying and nothing else happening but Vulkans return just made me "oh my god" out loud.

The battles throughout the novel are very well done and especially the ones at the end on Nocture itself.

I loved Thiel's Red Marked Ultramarines. I hope he/they get more air time and we get to see which if any Chapter he founds at the 2nd Founding.

The traitors are presented well too and the Death Guard get some much needed fleshing out and showing just how evil they are.

All in all we need more novels like this.
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Very funny thread with the genuinely contrasting opinions. We all perceive reality differently.

I for one hope Horus doesn't make it to Terra any time soon. From my perspective the journey (including legion and individual development) is far more interesting than the destination. After all we know what happens.

For those who are frustrated with the pace of story development be careful what you wish for. What comes next? The Scouring? ... Doesn't exactly get me excited.
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