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Death Shroud's Daemons of Chaos

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I'm really fickle so have problems finishing armies (always something newer and shinier on the horizon). Hopefully keeping a project log will give me the impetus and encouragement to stick with one army till they are finished.

I originally intended to make an all Khorne force but after playing against the Daemons I realise that if I want a competitive list (which I'll need since I'm not a great general) I'll have to go with elements from various chaos gods.

I have done a couple of centrepiece models to start with to test some techniques and give me a reason to finish the rest of the army.

Daemon Prince of Khorne (will use as Skarbrand)

First model finished, skin was mechrite red washed with lot's of Baal red and Badab black then re highlighted (then a dose of Devlan mud)

Herald of Khorne (will use as Skulltaker)

Love this model, it was great fun to paint and fits in with the other Bloodletters far better than the Citadel Skulltaker model. The skin was basecoated with the Vallejo's "Heavy Red" from their new "Extra Opaque" range (their version of Foundation paints). The red is more vivid than Mechrite.

The skin was then washed with a mix of Baal Red and Badab Black (I'd recommend anyone thinking of doing Daemons keeps a pot of this "Khorne Juice" handy).
The skin was then highlighted with thinned down layers of Vallejo "Scarlett Red", "Gory Red" and "Bloody Red" (No prizes for guessing what the GW equivalent of those paints are).

Herald of Khorne (view of "kill")

Read a mention of Tamiya clear red on a project log on Warseer and thought I'd give it a go. Makes amazing looking blood.

Normally i hate the look of people painting all of their blades with red paint to look like they are covered in blood as it looks crap. Khornate Daemons seem to fit the idea far better though (I'm going to try and resist over-using the Clear Red in the army but it's addictive:biggrin:)

Not sure what to work on next, have got Juggernaughts, Daemonettes and Horrors so far, final army list not drawn up yet.

Any tips, suggestions, comments or questions welcome.

[EDIT] Yay! worked out how to post the pictures properly!
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They look awesome mate; love the look of them.
Thanks Bishop5 :biggrin:

OK. I've had a look at the models I own (or am just about to buy in case of the last 5 Horrors) and have drawn up a quick list of what I can field so far.

The idea is that I get a usable 1500pt list constructed so I can get some practice using the army. From there I can buy additional units to add to/replace less effective units.

So far I can field 1185pts
SkarBrand 300pts
Skulltaker 140pts
3 Bloodcrushers (instrument of chaos) 125
10 Bloodletters (chaos icon, instrument of chaos) 190
15 Daemonettes (chaos icon, instrument of chaos) 240
10 Pink Horrors (instrument, bolt, changeling) 190

I have 315pts to fill before I can get some practice in, not sure what to spend it on. A Soulgrinder to give me some firepower, Fiends to give me more speed, Daemon princes to give me more close combat punch, more troops to give me the numbers. What do you think?
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Wow! They're amazing. Your DP is really good. Not too much blood on his axe and they tongue looks pretty good there as well. A tad of blood splatter on garments might be in order here but they're really really good. If I could paint half as well as you I'd be laughing. Seriously though, they look awesome as they stand.
Skulltaker is beyond awesome. Its Beawesome. Great conversion and top notch paintjob. The DP is great as well but it is overshadowed by the work on the Skulltaker.

i have to say your painting overshadows mine by 10000 to 1
Skulltaker is beyond awesome. Its Beawesome. Great conversion and top notch paintjob. The DP is great as well but it is overshadowed by the work on the Skulltaker.

It's not a conversion, it's the forgeworld herald that comes with the Daemon Prince (I wish my converting skills were that good:biggrin:).

Currently building the unit of 15 Daemonettes, will post some pics soon (not very interesting, but it's progress).
Currently building the unit of 15 Daemonettes, will post some pics soon (not very interesting, but it's progress).
Hey Daemonettes would be pretty cool. Least you're making progress - I've had to put mine on the backburner for a bit [Grrr.]
My mistake, you deserve the rep anyway. I went and checked it out on the fw website. It is a magnificent model and you have painted it really well. The colors you have used on the corpse(particularly the blood) really made it jump out at me.
Thanks for the support it's appreciated.

Not as interesting as painted models but I have some pics of the assembled Daemonettes!

Here they are. I'm using a basing techinque I copied from some friends. Building the base up with Milliput and imbedding GW slate into them. Pinning the model to the base then glue the small GW slate to it. Going for a wasteland look to the bases.

I know a lot of people prefer the previous metal Daemonettes but I love these "girls". It's a mixture of the detail and the fact they returned to the look of the original Daemonette models from the "Slaves to Darkness" era.

Undercoated and ready for painting. I'm a bit nervous about messing these up. I want to paint them well but getting 15 models done to the standard they deserve will be tough.

Like I said, not the most interesting update, will try to get a test model painted and I'll put a picture up.
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I really love the bases, I may do something similar myself, Id love to see your horrors, I remember getting 2 packs.... a few years back and utterly F- them up:grin:
Great job! I can't wait to see those daemonettes get painted up. +Rep
By the way, how do you make your snow? Thanks!
Great job! I can't wait to see those daemonettes get painted up. +Rep
By the way, how do you make your snow? Thanks!
Having problems finding a colour scheme for the Daemonettes, will hopefully get one sorted soon.

I got the snow from my local ModelZone. It's made by woodland scenics and is called "SOFT FLAKE SNOW (SN140)".

It cost me £8.99 for 50 cubic inches worth (probably more than I'd ever need). It's good stuff, I'd advise painting the area you want to cover with a white primer otherwise the base colour tends to show through a bit.

Tanks for the +Rep:grin:
Well done on the first two models. I would have maybe darkened down the blood on the zombie body a bit myself but that is a personal thing.
Wraithlord: The blood looks brighter in the picture because it's glossy and I took the picture under a halogen lamp. It looks darker in the flesh (so to speak).:biggrin:

Hurray, Progress!!

After about 5 attempts I've found a skin colour scheme and technique that I like on the Daemonettes. Bit more time consuming than I'd hoped.

The skin was a basecoat of tan flesh. I kept adding cadmiun flesh to the mix and heavily watered it down. I painted successive layers using the "feathering" technique. I then painted watered down Ogryn flesh wash into the creases to re shade it.

The shading around eyes and the claws were washed with Leviathan purple. The eyes were painted with off-white (all paints apart from washes were Vallejo).

Will post more pictures when I complete the Daemonette trial model.

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement, doing this log has definately helped keep me more focused on this army.:good:
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They look suitably evil. Nice work indeed.
1 down 14 to go!

Finished my first Daemonette. Although it took a while the do the skin the rest of the model was comparatively quick.

My painting options are
1: work through the whole unit quickly but only basecoat the skin (returning to highlight the skin later)
2: Do 2 or 3 models at a time and do other parts of the army in between.

I will probably do the 2nd option.

Bought myself a Soul Grinder to give myself a bit more anti tank capability. Will probably return to pinning horrors next.

Off this weekend but not expecting to get much done. Will be at octoberfest tournament in Tolworth on Saturday, not playing just making a nuisance of myself and at the American Football at Wembley on Sunday (3rd year in a row, can't wait!!!). Hopefully be able to show some part assembled Horrors soon(ish).
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Beautiful job on the skin, I like the normal skin tones on the daemonettes, not the purple crap (But well painted crap that is) that GW pulls out.
If i were a slave Slaanesh , I would at least want to be attractive. :p
And a guy.
Just a daemon of slaanesh.
Not a deamonette...

Work is progressing but very piecemeal this week:(.
Nothing to show just yet but have got myself a White Lion Chariot to attempt a conversion to Slaanesh Herald on chariot (disgusting statline for 65 points). There is something very Slaaneshi about the Lions (nothing says hedonism mixed with danger than a big cat with jewellery!:biggrin:)

Have done the basecoating on one of the Bloodcrushers too as well as starting work on more Daemonettes.

Will try and get the Bloodcrusher finished before the weekend is over and will have some pics to show.
7/11/09 Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work and other factors (Uncharted 2, Guitar Hero 5, Dragon Age, etc:biggrin:) have slowed progress down.

Work has been piecemeal but I have managed to get a 3rd of the Daemonettes finished.

5 Down 10 to go.

I've purchased a Bloodthirster Soul Grinder and the parts to make a Herald of Slaanesh on chariot. By using the Forgeworld Daemon Prince as a standard daemon prince (and not Skarbrand) I now have bought all the models I need for a 1500pt force.

Next phase is to finish painting my first Bloodcrusher and continue building the Soulgrinder and Horrors.
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