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First game in the campaign
This was my list
1500 point campaign CAD "strike fast"

Jump sorc Lvl2 BboS familiar 145
Jagger (MoS, jump pack, Sig(4++) and "blade of the relentless")145

Cultists flamer 55
CSM Rhino flamer 115

Hellbrute plasma cannon 110

Fast Attack
5 Nurgle Spawn 180
10 Raptors MoS banner of excess 1 melta 1 flamer,lightning claw melta bomb 265
3 bikes 1 melta 1 flamer 85

Heavy Support
Sicaran 135
Obliterater 70
Defiler 195
Total 1500
My opponent was Astra militariam, he had a company of leman russ's. One with a big long gun and a tank commander and two standards. Then an assortment of infantry, two 30 man blobs,one with a priest,special weapons vets and some auto cannons with a commissar and there was a psycher with presience. And his warlord had hatred
The game was (5)cloak and shadows on the diagonal with night fighting. Here's how we set up?
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Turn 1
The damn imperials steal the initiative, but he's castled up hard and starts to spread out and puts some fire in to my Sicaran stunning the crew and blows the rhino, the marines inside disembark into some cover. I got away lightly as far as I'm concerned.
I advance, my fast units closing the distance but staying in cover, ready to engage next turn. My dread gets fire frenzy and gets a unit to run off the board. My CSM squad claim objective 5.
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Lots of his army had gone to ground so most of this turn he spent getting them back in the fight. He shot up the defiler who took a hull point, and my dread, who covered by cultists makes his saves.
In my movement phase the raptors move in to engage the blob unit with a priest my spawn unit move up to engage his heavy weapons team and bikes move up to draw out the other blob squad. Sorcerer gets iron arm and warp speed up but then in the shooting gets greedy and tries to burn a command squad hiding next to the heavy wp team, unfortunately killing the nearest one, my obliterater mis haps trying to get behind the russ. Assault phase, raptors and bikes charge, sorcerer unit missing out even with re roll. Raptor champ lays down a challenge so the lord can get some siphon on, getting 5 kills. The bikes take out the other blob squad winning combat and then running them down. Let the meat grinder commence. I claim objective 5,2 and 3.
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Turn 3
As the raptors combat continues he moves his other vet units up to get ready to shoot them, the tanks shoot the sorcerer/spawn who lose two spawn . He whittles the bikes to just the melta gun. On my turn the obliterater comes down on target to the rear of the russ's. The melta bike moves to shoot the tanks and takes off a battle cannon. Unfortunately the obliterater whiffs with his melta. The sorcerer unit moves to combat the remains of the heavy team. I claim another 2 objectives. Game ends as my opponent concedes, only having his tanks left. Glory to chaos!>:)
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Loving the dead pile in the bottom right.:eek:k:
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