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Death Guard/Standard CSM WIP

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I used to play 40k 6 years ago, and I'm slowly getting back into it. I used to play death guard in the 4th edition, and that is what I'm sticking too. Unfortunately, I have to start my army from scratch, as my old one got stolen (which is why I stopped playing the first time). My painting skills are getting a little better with each model, I'm slowly getting better with Milliput, and I'm slowly becoming more satisfied with my army.

I am open to suggestions on how to improve painting /modeling on the unassembled/unpainted models, so fire all your opinions at me.

One thing I would like to make a note of is that I paint sloppy, and then fix all the details at the end (as you can see with my Daemon Prince). I also paint in an assembly line fashion.

Here is what I have done so far:

Primed 28 Marines (5 Meltas)
Painted 13 Marines (3 aspiring champions, and 1 Melta)
Painting 1 Daemon Prince
Painted 2 Death Guard Rhinos
Painting 1 Death Guard Rhino
Painting 1 Standard CSM Rhino
Assembled, Primed, and partially painted 5 terminators
Converted 2 Possessed into Plague Marines
Converted 2 Possessed into Chaos Lords
Converting 6 Terminators into Obliterators (2 complete)
Unassembled 23 Marines
Unassembled 5 possessed
Unassembled Rhino
Unassembled Dreadnought (black Reach)


Converted Obliterator

Painted Terminator

Notice the cartoony skull. I am going to implement this to all my standard CSM units.

Painted Marine

Standard CSM Rhino (WIP)

Chaos Lords (WIP)

Terminator with Power Weapon (WIP)

The Plagues

Individual Units

Converted Plagues (from possessed) (WIP)

Daemon Prince (WIP)
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I really like the mummy marine :D
What did you use for it?

I agree that the Miliputii looks bland and thick.
I really like the blade on the Oblit, looks like something from Assassins creed :D
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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