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Cyrus a captain of the world eaters 3rd company and Attila also a captain of the deathguards 3rd company had fought many times together and were trusted friends. during the siege of terra the two captains meet and utilized there two forces with great effect. after the heresy Cyrus, Attila and there loyal warrios separate from there legions and formed the death crusaders legion. They continued to wage war against the imperium.

Cyrus and Attila were exalted to daemon hood. they were given the daemon world called Sirius. While Cyrus worshipped khorne and Attila worshipped nurgle they had no conflict and had great organisation within the legion it was similar to the space marine chapter organisation.
At full strength looks like this.

1st company lead by captain Zeus and the high council consisting of the
khorne chaplin thoth
apothecary rama
warsmith kali

8 squads of terminators
3 baneblades
1 titan
12 land raiders

2nd and 3rd companies are battle companies and have the same organistation
2nd company led by captain zion
3rd company led by captain ajax

3 squads of plague marines
3 squads of bezerkers
10 rhinos

2 havoc squads
12 obliterators
2 deilfers

4th and 5th companies are reserve companies and have the same organisations as the battle companies
4th company led by captain igor
5th company led by captain seth

6th company is a support company
6th company led by captain loki

4 chosen
4 squads or raptors
4 squads of bikers

8 vindicatos
8 predators

7th company is a recruit company
7th company led by captain hermes and the recruit council consisting of
Sergeant a veteran bezerker arawan
Sergeant a veteran plague marine atlas
Apothecary argos
techmarine vellios

Recruiting army consiting of
10 khorne assassins

the recruiting army’s mission is to recruit warriors through smaller warbands.
they try to negotiate with the leader and persuade them to join there legion if they refuse the khorne assassins kill them, they have never failed. there is usually no problem with recruiting the left over soldiers as they now have no were to go especially bezerkers with promising them blood and skulls.

The recruiting council then sorts them into squads of plague marines or bezerkers. The plague marines are sent to whats know as nurgles pot on Sirius and are infected and return as true plague marines. Argos and vellios may be the only left who know how to create bezerkers they carry the technology for the special nerve implants which tremendously heightened there aggressiveness.

Cyrus and Attila have a lot of experience in war and they are tactically genius.
When death crusaders wage war they are very flexible and mobile, most of the infantry ride in rhinos or land raiders. the bezerkers and terminators are used to spear head the battle, plague marines are used to protect and hold objectives and relics, plague marines also make up the havoc teams and extensively use obliterators

the iron warriors, word bearers and death crusaders are great allies and known to fought many opponents and battles together. the death crusaders were a great help at the siege of the eternal fortress and they often fought together through out the black crusades. Through out the black crusades they captured 2 baneblades and a titan the 3rd baneblade was given to them from the iron warriors.

The daemon world Sirius is home to the giant fortress known as the rock, Sirius is on the edges of the warp and in a perfect location for attacks on the imperium, the rock is big enough to hold 10 legions at full strength, many legions have used the rock as base for there attacks.

The death crusaders armour depends on what god they worship but all warriors have both shoulder pads black
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