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Hey guys, this is my first time posting a list and I'd really like some pointers to help me change or improve it for the better. In this list I try to have a good balance between good shooting, a good augment based magic phase with lore of life, and a devastating CC phase. This army is small, character heavy, but elite and has good synergy with the heroes and units in which they are used. With no further ado here's what I came up with.

Lords: 625 pts.
Crone Hellebron- 310 pts. 8-10 attacks at Str 10 with ASF, practically guarantees rerolls to hit and to wound. Also, causes a -3 Ld to Fear and Terror checks AND gives my unit of witches double frenzy? Expensive, but hands down the best CC character in the game at present and worth the points.

Supreme Sorceress: Lv 4, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Ruby Ring of Ruin, Lore of Life- 315 pts. When run in my unit of executioners, this caster provides survivabilty to a smaller DE list that desperately needs wound regeneration and protective augments. Also, lore of life has very low cast requirements for most of the better spells, to the point where Earthen Blood, Flesh to Stone and Throne of Vines all need a 4+ on whatever dice I roll to get the cast off. Once again, Expensive but still worth the points imho.

Heroes: 595 pts.
Death Hag: BSB, Ranger's Std, Rune of Khaine, Obsidian Bl, Cauldron of Blood- 440 pts. Necessary to run witches effectively in a horde. Provides rerolls to wound in CC and 5+ ward svs for the witches and Hellebron. Ranger's Std eliminates whatever DT problems might arise with the CoB being a chariot. BSB is a necessity without explanation needed. Has 7-9 Attacks at Str 4, and Obsidian Bl compensates for relatively low Str vs. Armor svs. Also provides d6+1 impact hits on the charge, causes Terror, and carries two extra witches, which helps in challenges. Can also buff executioners with double frenzy or reapply frenzy if the witches ever lose a combat. More Expensive than Hellebron but a necessary cog in the death blender that witches become in the right combinations.

Tullaris Dreadbringer- 155 pts. Gives executioners frenzy, which totals to 7 extra attacks at strength 6 at the front rank. KB at a 5+ is a nice bonus too. Completely worth the points compared to my other lords and heroes choices.

Core: 625 pts.
Witches x35: Command and War Banner- 450 pts. The death blender. With 4 attacks apiece in the front rank, and the extra rank of attacks using horde rules, this unit can produce 47 poisoned attacks with ASF, usually with rerolls to hit and to wound. In short, this unit is designed to do so much damage in the first round it sees combat that your opponent is scarred for life. Large, a little unwieldy, and hard to control once a unit or two are within charge range, this unit is prone to being led around by the nose by skirmishers and fast cav, but can, and usually does, kill just about anything it catches. The only weakness here is the low strength and toughness inherent in the unit, but that seems to have made little difference in the playtesting of this list.

Darkshards x10: Command and Banner of Swiftness- 175 pts. The perfect unit to pick off those pesky fast cav and low armor skirmishers that meddle with the charge decisions of my frenzied units or try to flank around to get at my bolt throwers. Cheap, mobile and effective at what they do.

Special: 651 pts.
Executioners x23: Command and Gleaming Pennant- 311 pts. A secondary CC unit, designed to take out units with high toughness and/or good armor svs. When combined with Tullaris and my Supreme Sorceress, you get a unit that more often that not has great offensive CC potential, to the point where I've seen this unit ROFLstomp steamtanks, and decent enough svs and numbers to see CC in sufficient numbers to win combats.

Shades x10: Musician, RxB and GWs- 200 pts. Scout unit that is perfect for taking out pesky war machines (cannons be damned) and mobile enough to harass units on the flanks with either shooty death, via 20 RXB shots a turn, or with a flank charge, with 10 Str 5 attacks at int 5. Musician is the only add-on due to points constraints, really only needed for the ability to quick reform on the fly.

Reaper Bolt Throwers x2- 140 pts. High Str shooting. Great at plinking knights and monsters/monstrous mounts. I would take more of these if I had the points

In general, this army is based around the large unit of frothing, durable witches and supporting it through magic and firepower. The executioners are a decent stand alone unit, but mainly they are there to keep one flank of the witches clear while they position themselves to charge a large expensive unit or be charged by a large expensive unit (god help them for khaine sure as hell won't). The shooting is there primarily to remove distractions from the field and keep opponents from getting a decent flank charge on either my witches or my executioners. Lastly Lore of Life magic was chosen to help my two CC units have enough wounds/ranks in order to win the combats that they involve themselves in, not to mention the much needed toughness buffs, regen saves and wound regen that a small elite list like this needs.

Once again guys, this is my first time posting a list on this site and I would really appreciate some feedback as to whether this list is somewhat legit for both Tournament and non-Tournament play. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. :grin:
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