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Hey guys, I've been playing around with Dark Elves lately and I wanted to make a fun Beastmaster+Monsters list. I'm posting this here looking for input and ideas as to how to tool this list differently in order to make it more playable. Please don't hold back your opinions as I appreciate brutish honesty. Without further ado, here is what I wrote:

Lords: 620 pts

High Beastmaster: Manitcore w/Iron Skin, Hydra Blade -420pts.
This Lords choice is designed to be a raider/war machine killer coming from the flanks of the battlefield. Potentially having 9 attacks, ASF, Flying, and occasionally having HKB makes this unit perfect for hunting down and destroying enemy war machines and monsters. The Manticore is good too, having between 6-8 attacks at str and int 5. Perfect for ruining the day of those pesky shooty armies that depend on having warmachine support.

Supreme Sorc: General, Channeling Staff, Lore of Beasts -200
This magic user for the army. Took LOB because it seems to fit with the theme of the army. Also, who doesn't want a caster that can turn into a multi-wound Monster? Channeling staff will help with getting extra power/dispel dice and effectively doubles the chances of succeeding in her channel roll.

Heroes: 622 pts

Lokhir Fellheart: 235 pts.
A must have imho if you want to have a really good unit of CC corsairs. Sure you might get cheaper options with a master or a BA fleetmaster, but Lokhir fell heart is good enough to get unbreakable status for his unit regardless of where the hero in the opposing force is hiding. When combined with a buff or two from LOB, he becomes a real monster in a challenge. Also, he causes Terror, which is a nice addition to his unit.

Death Hag: Obsidian Bl., Witchbrew, BSB, Razor Std. -235 pts.
A necessary unit to lead a squad of witches. Provides +1 attacks with frenzy, grants AP attacks, allows re-rolls on break tests, and it's 5 attacks with ASF allow no Ar svs. An important unit to make witches a valuable core unit to take. Unfortunately squishy as hell and should not be taking challenges at first.

Khainite Assassin: Dark Venom, Gambler's Ar, Pot of Str. -152pts.
Primarily used in my squad of witches to give/recieve challenges. Has KB, +3 Str for the turn he reveals/challenges, and has a 5+ Ar sv and a 6+ ward. Designed to pop out, kill his target and probably die in the process, leaving my witches/DH free to win the combat and, hopefully, rout them.

Core: 631pts

Corsairs: x23, XHW, Command, Std. of Disp. -302pts.
When combined with my Supreme Sorc with LOB and Lokhir, becomes a pretty tough unit with potential to be unbreakable as long a Lokhir is in a challenge or killed someone valuable. More of a defensive unit, designed to be able to take enemy fire and/or deal with scouts/fastcav and still have enough models to contribute strongly to CC. In the aggregate, a good, tough (for elves) CC core unit.

Witches: x24, Command, War Banner -329pts.
A small unit of CC whirling dervishes that are designed to guard the flanks of the hydras and/or the transmogrified Sorc. When combined with their DH leader, they become a formidable unit that shreds most other infantry. Also, having the assassin hidden in this unit stops the enemy from outright challenging your DH and taking her down. Automatically has +3 to Combat res with banners alone. The only downside is that this is an expensive unit with no svs whatsoever. However, if your opponent is trying to whittle down the witches as opposed to shooting down everything else that will be charging at them, they'll probably regret it.

Special: 615pts

Hydras: x3, fiery breath -540pts.
These guys fill out the "Large and Scary" part of this army. Meaning that they should be used at the forefront and center of your battle line and used to barrel headlong into the enemy ASAP. Using them this way can abuse their Large Target status to block shooting lines to the core units which should be bringing up their rear and protecting their flanks. New regeneration rules are great in this way, because if they kill one of these guys in a round of shooting, there are still two more. If they can't kill one, that's pretty bad, as they'll gain about half of what they lost at the end of your next turn. However, you do have to be careful when charging, as this new rule applies at the end of your turn. Meaning that careless charges can easily end up killing your hydra as it can win you that important combat.

Harpies: x5 -75.
Thematic and sort of a points filler, these flying infantry units are good for hunting down war machines. Typically used on the opposite flank as the HBM, if your opponent split his war machines over his deployment zone, or with the HBM, if your opponent concentrated his war machines in a single area. Good raiders, but only useful otherwise in a flank charge on a heavily engaged unit.

Once again, I'm just looking for some feedback as to whether or not this list can be retooled or improved to make it more playable, despite the total lack of shooting. Hopefully you guys find this entertaining, if nothing else. :taunt:
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