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So I'm a huge fan of the heavy/death metal genre of music, and also of Warhammer 40,000. I was listening to an epic symphonic/death metal band named Xanthochroid and was thinking of how epic their music would sound when played with a 40K video, so after a little while of playing music and watching videos, I found the pairing.



So this will require some timing skills on your part. Start the Dawn of War trailer at the very instant that the Xanthochroid song hits the one minute mark. So the way I recommend going about this is having two separate internet pages open, shrink the screens so they are side by side, then press play on the Dawn of War video right when the song gets to one minute. Then you can go full screen on the Dawn of War video and enjoy some symphonic metal to go along with the trailer. I would also recommend lowering the volume on the Dawn of War video so that the song can give its full effect.

Anyone find my song fitting? Anyone think they can find a better song or more songs to different trailers?
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