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Dawn of War 2 Retribution Announced

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The next expansion in the Dawn of War 2 series was announced today.

Dawn of War 2 Retribution !!!!

No longer will we be forced to play Blood Ravens, we can now play different races for the single player maps. New multiplayer units, maps, and...


Who could it be? Dark Eldar? Tau? Crons? IG? DH/WH? Squats?

Time will tell as Relic makes more announcements at a later date.

News Link is here:

Relics Blog about the game:

Now I just need to hold out till March 2011 :headbutt:

Edit: Looking at the Logo for Returibution in the trailer the I is shaped like the =][= from the Inquisition. Could we be seeing Demonhunters or Sisters for this expansion? I really hope so.
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Sorry, looks like you won't be able to build pretty little bases or spam units and send them in en masse like other RTS's.
Thank Gork an' Mork^ i was sick of that kind of combat with DoW. DoW2 IMO, has a really good thing going.I would like to see Necrons or Dark Eldar, and for the love of all that is green i hope that the SOB will not be poping up soon. Space Nuns!? do they get a "that time of the month bonus?"Celestine, the Living Saint<---no thank you. Nothing like a Space nun helment to make your bosspole stand out.

I really hope that relic and THQ dont drop the RTS after the MMO hits. About the MMO lol oh boy im not looking forward to some 8 year old screaming "for the Emperor!!" as i frag 'em ta zog! I think for me the MMO will be like my 2 month WoW kick, after 60 days of being called a dick hole by some kid who is up pasted his bed time, im done. Also lol the RTS can teach some good skills, like get your ass in cover or "damn nids! i better shot before they get CC on me!".
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