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Dawn of War 2 Retribution Announced

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The next expansion in the Dawn of War 2 series was announced today.

Dawn of War 2 Retribution !!!!

No longer will we be forced to play Blood Ravens, we can now play different races for the single player maps. New multiplayer units, maps, and...


Who could it be? Dark Eldar? Tau? Crons? IG? DH/WH? Squats?

Time will tell as Relic makes more announcements at a later date.

News Link is here:

Relics Blog about the game:

Now I just need to hold out till March 2011 :headbutt:

Edit: Looking at the Logo for Returibution in the trailer the I is shaped like the =][= from the Inquisition. Could we be seeing Demonhunters or Sisters for this expansion? I really hope so.
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The ordo malleus will stand at my side!, daemons and witchs will fall before us.

The emperor will answer my prayers for grey knights!
Dont Forget one of the most Famous " The Ordo Malleus has sent us to aid you"

Btw AWESOME i have been waiting i want Chaos campagain and Ork and Dark Eldar MUWHAHAHAHAHA and Grey Knight units.
This what i think the =I= means as far as a new playable race. SOB-god i hope not, Grey Knights-would be cool but no, Deathwatch- Oh Hell Yeah, thats what i hope the new race is.
Just lettin you know deathwatch is is a squad of elite Xeno Hunters and Grey Knights are a SP but under Special and SOB NO peersoanlly i want Dark Eldar or Mabye necrons to f with everyone and i personally think the symbol is just like any of their other games like in the expanison a couple words have the Chaos symbol for o i mean i think the ORdo malleus symboly is an i
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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