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Dawn of War 2 Retribution Announced

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The next expansion in the Dawn of War 2 series was announced today.

Dawn of War 2 Retribution !!!!

No longer will we be forced to play Blood Ravens, we can now play different races for the single player maps. New multiplayer units, maps, and...


Who could it be? Dark Eldar? Tau? Crons? IG? DH/WH? Squats?

Time will tell as Relic makes more announcements at a later date.

News Link is here:

Relics Blog about the game:

Now I just need to hold out till March 2011 :headbutt:

Edit: Looking at the Logo for Returibution in the trailer the I is shaped like the =][= from the Inquisition. Could we be seeing Demonhunters or Sisters for this expansion? I really hope so.
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AWESOME!!!. But in all fairness, its their recruiting worlds so who's gonna win?, the Space Marines as always.

Edit: I see that ][ now. If they add those arrogant whores called the Sisters of Battle then im going to be disappointed, come on Dark Eldar!.
I want Ork and Chaos Marine campaign, hopefully they'll bring Eliphas's original voice back for this one.. and give him his old armour back... and make him a Word Bearer again. A lot to hope for.

Jeff Lydell talks Orks and campaign with PC Gamer. We also get a glimpse of Kaptain Bluddflagg, leader of the Freebooterz that will be the stars of the Ork campaign, and his subordinates the Stormboy Nob Brikkfist, Mekboy Mr Nailbrain and Kommando Nob Spookums. And he promises that it will be filled with typical Ork antics, stomping humies and stomping each other.

I dont want it to be Sisters of Battle because of two reasons. 1. I dont like them, period. 2. There are so much better choices, Grey Knights for one thing. I want to see the Ordo Malleus, Stormtroopers and Grey Knights, maybe even some radical things like a Daemonhost.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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