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Darkness, a Conquest Roleplay (OOC) Recruitment closed!

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It’s back! Bigger, Better, Bouncier, The Darkness Conquest Roleplay has returned to the lands of the Heresy Online Roleplay Threads. It’s been tweaked, reworked and hit with a hammer. And it’s ready. Don’t hesitate to create nation, a nation that will fight and die in your name and, if the fates are with you, rule the world.

The Great Alliance has fallen in ruin. The world of Kolnur has descended into chaos with the annihilation of the order it has known for so many years. The Alliance was formed 200 years ago by the great powers of the age, and has ensured a time of relative peace of prosperity. But the peace made men weak, soft, and unobservant. Few were watching for the return of darkness, and those few who were watching were unable to rouse the Alliance from its slumber in time to defend itself from the tides of darkness that washed over the land, obliterating all that stood before it till none remained.

Now the Alliance is in shambles, and the few remaining nations of the world, in the forgotten corners of the land, must somehow hold their borders against both greedy neighbours, and the Great Shadow that slew the greatest alliance this world has ever known...

*What is the Great Shadow you ask?: The Great Shadow is the effectively infinite army that will move constantly forward, coming in from the east of the map, throughout the game. The ‘Darkness’ is led by an Arch-Lich. The only way to truly destroy the Great Shadow is to somehow slay the necromancer. All anyone knows is that the name of the Lich is Deknar'Thuul.

*How big can my Country be? : 5 Million max population. UNLESS you take the "Look at all the Babies" Trait, in which case it is 10 million.

*How small can my Country be? : It can be as small as you like although you must have more population that soldiers, for obvious reasons.

*Is the bigger army always going to win?: No. I will be the final determination for any battle, but basically remember this; it will come down to what KIND of battle you engage in. If you line up all your troops and face off on a traditional field of battle with traditional tools of war, then yes the bigger army has higher odds of victory. But if you use magic or technology to alter the scales of battle, a smaller army has a chance of emerging victorious. I will be the one who determines the outcome of the battle although I welcome the viewpoint of each player and the wider players.

*Can I be destroyed in this game? : Only with your permission. Even if another player manages to conquer your nation you can live on as refugees, rebels, or a number of other options. You won't ever be destroyed (Again, unless you want to be), you will just change form and wander until you can find another place to call home.

*How Many Traits do I Get? : 21 trait points, plus a max possible of two racial and two bonuses from races, for a max beginning pool of 25.

Races: Each Race can select 1 racial trait for free.

Dwarves: +1 Trait for either Lesser Earth Magic or Military Traits

Humans: +1 Trait for either Military, National, Divine, or Necromancy Traits

Orcs: +1 Trait for either Military or Necromancy Traits

Goblins: +1 Trait for either Population or Elemental Traits

Gnomes: +1 Trait for either Illusion or Technology Traits

Elves: +1 Trait for either Elemental or Mental Traits

Ogres: +1 Trait for either Military or Physical Traits

You may have up to 2 races in your country, gaining the bonus traits for each. However the following list shows which races do not coexist well.

Dwarves and Ogres
Elves and Orcs
Gnomes and Goblins

National Traits:

Population Traits:

Academic Traits:

Military Traits:

Military Units:

Naval Traits:

Necromancy: (Cannot be Taken with Divine Magic)

Divine Magic: (Cannot be Taken with Necromancy)

Elemental Magic: All Greater Elemental Magics Require their Lesser Counterpart. (Cannot be Taken with Technology Traits)

Illusion Magic:

Technology: (Cannot be taken with any Elemental Traits)

Racial Traits:


Recent History:

Shattered by the Shadow: Your nation was utterly demolished by the Shadows attack, and a new government has formed to try to bring order from the chaos.

Bastion of Light: One of the few nations to withstand the siege of the Shadow, your nation is a unifying example to others.

Opportunists: With the attack of the Shadow you took the opportunity to obtain some lands and riches you felt your neighbours didn't really deserve, enriching you but it's bound to make you unpopular with the neighbours.

Refugee Camps: Your nation is filled with Refugees fleeing the Shadow. You haven't yet tasted the blade of the Shadow, but your trying to find a way to help those made homeless by it.

Isolationist: You were never part of the Alliance and thus far are untouched by the Shadow, now may be a time to create a small alliance of your own, or remain solitary, but maybe take some new territories from your weaker neighbours.

The King has Fallen: The Shadow managed to murder your monarch/ruling class, leaving his successor(s) to take their place.

The Slaughter was horrible: The Shadow ravaged your nation, you survived, or at least parts of you did. Large chunks of your land are now desolate and lifeless, as scars of the war still stain your lands and your population was horribly reduced.

The Shadow Sounds like a good employer..: Your nation hasn't been harmed by the Shadow yet, and though no one has yet managed to negotiate or even parley with the Shadow, you are looking for a way, because it seems to you that if you can't beat them....

Older History:

Champions of the Alliance: Your nation has always championed the cause of the Alliance and has engaged in many wars on it's behalf.

Grudging members: You joined because you didn't see any other choices in the matter, not because you really believed in the cause.

Warlike: You have, whether on behalf of the alliance, in spite of it, or just because you want to, been engaged in warfare every time you turn around. Your people have a reputation as warmongers, which may cause others to respect, or despise you.

Pacifists: You have been a leading voice on every peace conference, constantly trying to bring all sides to a mutually beneficial agreement. This gives you a reputation as someone that does not enjoy war, making some view you as a visionary, and others see you as weak.

Show me the Money: Any agreements made at any conference you go to, and any war you engage in, seems to be involved in some way with the acquisition of more money.

Crusaders: Your people have engaged in crusades against other nations and peoples on behalf of your gods, giving you a reputation as zealots that lingers to this day.

Leave me out of it: Your nation has largely ignored other nations and has asked in turn to just be left alone in return. Sometimes this works, sometimes it seems like the lone beast without a herd is the most vulnerable.

Founding Member: Your Nation was one of the Super Powers that formed the Great Alliance. Though your power and influence is now diminished, you were once viewed as one of the mightiest nations in the world.

Ancient History:

Tribal Roots: Your people come from a tribal culture, family ties are very strong.

Divinely Mandated Rule: Your nation was founded by the will of the gods, or so your clergy tells you at least. The founding father(s) of your nation are revered as saints or gods and their descendants are incapable of being wrong, they are after all descended from perfection.

Nomads: Your people were nomads once upon a time. Whether this is still in evidence in your culture is moot, because as a result of your travels you have very accurate maps of the parts of the world you lived in, at least barring changes in the last several centuries.

Wizards in Hiding: In ancient times the Magi were a feared and reviled group, most nations would not permit them to live in their borders, let alone give them positions of power. Thus your nation was a hiding ground for a large number of Magi, they chose to band together for safety and community, eventually emerging to either take over the culture or merge with it when the people's fears had passed.

Tyranny: Your founding is written in blood, on parchments of flesh. Your nation was not founded willingly, and whether this resulted in a later rebellion, Great Alliance intercession, or whether the Tyranny goes on to this day, the fact is, your nation has a rep as an inhospitable place to live.

Common Defence: There is nothing great and noble, or frightening and vengeful, about the story of your founding. It's quite simply a group of people banding together to defend themselves against the threats of the world. Somehow, it grew from there.

Feudalistic Society: Your lands were founded by a warlord, or a wizard, who swiftly named himself ruler and set about establishing a system of lords to help him govern his newly claimed lands, granting land in exchange for service.

Republic: A nation by the people for the people, that is the dream your founding fathers had, and that is what your nation has tried to fulfil since then.




1: Be civil to everyone, participating or not.
2: Absolutely NO godmodding.
3: Don't carry grudges from this RP out into the rest of the forum.
4: Don't get all grumpy if someone attacks you. Just attack them back.
5: I have the final say in all matters.
6: If you are going to join this, please do so confident you will not disappear for weeks on end with no notice.
7: Only one post per turn as it represents your nation’s actions. The only exception is diplomatic action as otherwise the alliance system is redundant.
8: One post per update is compulsory or else your nation does nothing and is easy prey.
9: I will aim for updates weekly as I’m sure everyone will by dying for the chance to hammer their RP rivals to oblivion. :)

The Nation Sheet.


Nation Name:
Chosen Colour for Nation:
People of Importance:


National Traits

Population Traits

Academic Traits

Military Traits

Military Units Traits

Naval Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits

Racial Traits





I hope to see some of the original nations returning as well as plenty of new blood.
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will see if i can get one up but if i will it wont be the monorealm. do you still want the traditional one or just the conquest one
The Pure - Alexander_Millar Defeated - Winter 1245

Salthiusar - Septok

Turokhi - KeyanM Defeated - Spring 1247

Kerin-Curan - Malochai Defeated - Spring 1249

Anicea - Yru0

Kogan-Sul - Therizza

The Empire - Marshal Ragnar Defeated - Autumn 1247

The Republic of Esterwynne - Santaire

Terra - brendxb Defeated - Autumn 1246

The Great Trade Republic - HOGGLORD
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I'll have a look into doing this one - not sure when I'll be able to get my post up though.
could you put up an example nation so that we can make sure we have done everything right.
I'll get to work on that as soon as I can.
Good to see this back, it looked promising last time and I hope it can be better this time.

I've only had time for a quick skim-read, so could you tell me what's changed in the signup portion? I fully intend, as long as you allow it, to recycle Salthusiar.

Nation Name: The Pure
Chosen Colour for Nation: White
People of Importance: The Council of Twelve, The Immortal Lord
Population: 1.2 Million Elves and 7.2 Million Humans


National Traits:

Population Traits
-look at all the babies

Academic Traits
-Grand Cathedral
-Science Academy

Military Traits
-Mithril Armour
-Superior Forging
-Golden Horde

Military Units Traits
-Heavy Infantry

Naval Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits
-Divine Charisma
-Divine Energy
-Holy Wrath

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits
-Steam engine
-Alchemial Alloy
-This... Is... My... BOOMSTICK
-Mechanical Walkers
-Mechanized Warriors

Racial Traits
- Elven High Mages
- Explorers by nature

It is said that The Pure came from another world, brought to this one by their ruler and god, The Immortal Lord, to bring the light of truth to this forsaken land. With there first arrival, the men of the land they first touched fell to there knees in awe and reverence at the sight of The Lord and his servants. Soon a great change came across this land. Under the guidance of the Council of Twelve and the priesthood, a new golden age was brought about, with technology bounding forward under the zeal of worship. But this shinning exterior only served to hide the bloody truths. Any questioning of the council or their lord ws swiftly dealt with, and the trespassers made a brutal example of.

Soon The Pure Land, as it had come to be known as, was a shinning bastion of faith and technology, ruled over by the church and The Immortal Lord. Soon The Pure turned its eye outward, looking towards expansion and the purification of the lands that were beyond it's borders. The prosecution of fanatical crusades of purification and expansion soon followed.

With the first appearance of the Great Shadow, The Immortal Lord stirred from his great white Citadel for the first time in over a half a millennium... The alliance was swiftly joined to end this "impure" stain on the world, and The Pure were instrumental to holding the Shadow back for long enough for the Alliance to muster it's armies.

After the defeat of the Shadow, The Pure retreated back to their lands to continue with plans known only to them. In the intervening centuries very little was heard from The Pure, with only minor Crusades as the only indication of life in their lands...

Now with the Shadow once more arising, The Pure are one of the few who stand ready to hold back the unending tide of undead, and may hold the key to the survival of all, deep within the White Citadel, with Their Immortal Lord and god...



100 000 Heavy Infantry
60 000 Arqubussers
60 000 War Priests
140 000 Mechanized Warriors
16 000 Cannon and Artillery Batteries
2 400 Mechanical Walkers (Counting as 10 men each)

400 000 Light Infantry(Conscripts)
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if you wanted an example sheet, there's one right there.

Accepted Alexander_Millar, Welcome aboard. Although you have an extra 6000 professional troops you may want to use.

And as for changes Septok, I've completely gotten rid of Mental and Physical traits as well as demolishing the traits that had no real effect. But with a little effort I am sure you can bring Salthusiar back to life
Thanks for the heads up :) fixed up the numbers now, should all be good now :) thanks, looking forward to it
Could I make a nation comprising of dwarfs and gnomes whose military is largely comprised of machines/mechas/etc?
damn glasses you had the same idea as me,ive got two ideas any way if you want to do the dwarves and gnomes techie guys
To be honest Glasses man, you can create whatever kind of nation you want. So if it's a nation of techies then, be my guest.

Nation Name: Salthiusar

Chosen Colour: Teal/Sea Green (Forum colours, basically any greenish turquoise)

Nation Government Type: Benign Dictatorship (i.e. they don’t care about politics and their ruler is the same as when they were founded)

People of Importance:

Hésperion (Co-founder, status unknown)
Irèsp (Co-founder, current ruler)
Calleis (Head Magus)
Dalàth Scieris (Head Librarian)
Slaér (Head of The Guardians)

Population: 500,000 Elves (note: many of them are not truly elven, as the city attracts many students who settle into its society, and they entertain a number of visitors of other races)

Summary of populace*: The Salth (the name for all inhabitants of Salthiusar) are a community of book-lovers, philosophers and magi. Their city, Salthiusar, is home to the largest library of magic in the known world, and contains one of the greatest magic schools known also. They have a reproduction problem, as less than 1% of their race can reproduce, but they also enjoy immortality. As such, they rely greatly on a lack of war and incoming magical students to support their population, as their curse turns students into immortal elves (albeit with killing their reproductive system) at the end of a single month within Salthiusar.


National Traits: Homeland Security

Population Traits: Loyal; Industrious

Academic Traits: School of Wizardry

Military Traits: For King and Country! (They don’t really have much of a military, but they do have a lot of mages who are keen to defend the country and who will blast elements on the enemy)

Military Units Traits: Magi (all troops are magi)

Naval Traits: None!

Necromancy Traits: Speak with the Darkness; The Spirits hear my Call

Divine Magic Traits: None!

Elemental Magic Traits: Lesser Air; Greater Air; Lesser Water ; Greater Water ; Lesser Earth ; Greater Earth ; Lesser Fire ; Greater Fire. (One of these is the elven bonus trait)

Illusion Magic Traits: Cloak of Invisibility; Spectral Army; Master of Disguise; Imaginary Swords Cut Too

Technology Traits: N/A
Racial Traits: Elves – Elven High Mages

Historical Traits: Isolationists; Leave me out of it; Wizards in hiding

Historical summary*: Founded long before the Alliance, the nation of Salth was formed by Hésperion and Iresp, a pair of friends, both mages trained by a kindly old mage. They shared a love of books, knowledge and most importantly magic. After their tutor’s death, they travelled far and wide, across the land, learning and collecting, until they eventually realised that a simple dwelling would be insufficient – they needed a better place. So they travelled to a distant land, after learning crystal singing from the masters, and imbued the land with magic. They sang, aided by a choir of those drawn to their cause, and, after weeks of tireless chanting, Salthiusar was built.

After some time, Hésperion realised that his and Irèsp‘s lives would be over. So he began on a dire and dark quest. He sang a new tower from the mountain to the north, entered, and never returned. However, one night, Irèsp went searching for him. He found the tower, found its darkest reaches, and conversed with Hésperion. He learned of the curse bestowed upon the nation, a curse with a flip-side. The population had been rendered mostly incapable of reproduction, but they also enjoyed one benefit – they had all become immortal. Time could not touch them, but Hésperion was lost to them.

Following this, Irèsp took control of the nation, which none minded. He knew war would come, as it always does, so he set up the Salth Mages’ Guild to aid in magical tuition and The Guardians to protect the city. He trained many for both organisations until he could pass the responsibility on to those he had trained. Meanwhile, more and more people travelled to the city and the library grew. New accommodation had to be sung; new library sections had to be made; new wizard professors were needed. All happened, and Salthiusar grew strong, but still in need of support.

The modern time is known by the Salth as the time of Shadow. Iresp rules the land fairly, though, like the entire populace, cares little for politics. Every person who stays even a month in Salthiusar gains the curse, but few who stay so long rarely wish to leave, save for voyages in the pursuit of new knowledge. The nation has a secret in Hésperion, who keeps in hiding in the northern tower. Some say that he has seen the future, the end times and all, but has become a slave to the gods. None know for certain, but there is something fishy in Salthiusar, and war is due to come. But when it arrives, they will be ready.


Navy: None – they have no potentially useful naval routes, mostly because they live in a massive city of turquoise magic crystal.

Army: The nation has only 500 full-time soldiers, hired as both mages and protectors, but the citizens of the nation are all prepared to defend the land, so up to 50,000 are willing to fight in defence. They are all Magi.

*I know it’s not required and shouldn’t be on the sheet, but I felt like it’s a good thing to have.

ADDED 09/03/13
CALENDAR, literally translated:
Sunken Sun/December – Winter, 31 days
Snow’s Birth/January – Winter, 31 days
Thaw/February – Winter, 28 days (always)
Breaking Cold/March – Spring, 31 days
Sow/April – Spring, 30 days
Rebirth/May – Spring, 31 days
Risen Sun/June – Summer, 30/31 days
Wither/July – Summer, 31 days
Harvest/August – Summer, 31 days
Redeath/September – Autumn, 30 days
Rain’s Birth/October – Autumn, 31 days
Darkening/November – Autumn, 30 days

Hope it's up to scratch, I basically just reworked the signup from the last rendition. So it might have problems.
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Looking good Septok.

I welcome you and your immortal elvish bookworms once more
Looking good Septok.

I welcome you and your immortal elvish bookworms once more
Awesome. Also, when making the map (as I assume you will), could you place me without any sea borders, like last time? Thanks.
Looks like we have a bit of an ideological difference here already... :p
Books for the book throne! Knowledge for the knowledge city!

Oh, in case I haven't made it very obvious, they're kind of pacifistic. They're unwilling to fight, but they'll do it if necessary. They don't pick grudges and help their allies with conjured armies and knowledge. Wink wink nudge nudge.
Embrace our religion and accept our superiority, and I'm sure we won't have a problem... Otherwise, we may be forced to revoke your library cards :p

Sorry, it seems like I may have a nation of religious fanatics :p and they will do anything to further their cause, anything at all...
Keyan's Nation

Nation Name: Turokhi
Chosen Colour: Red
People of Importance: The Dwarven King Kragnol. The Shaman Council.
Population: 6.5 million humans, 3 million dwarves.

National Traits:
-Homeland Security
-I Believe You Have Underestimated The Sneakiness Sir

Population Traits:
-Look at All the Babies

Academic Traits:
-Academy of War

Military Traits:
-Superior Forging
-Mithril Armour
-Masterful Cavalry
-Soldiers of the Line
-Golden Horde

Military Units:
-Heavy Infantry
-Light Cavalry

Naval Traits:

Necromancy Traits:
-Negative Energy
-Speak with the Darkness
-Spirits hear my call

Divine Magic Traits:

Elemental Magic Traits:
-Lesser Earth Magic
-Greater Earth Magic
-Lesser Fire magic
-Greater Fire Magic

Illusion Magic Traits:

Technology Traits:

Racial Traits:
-Born on a Horse
-Gems in the Rough

The origins of the Turokhi nation lay in the distant past, long before the coming of the Great Shadow, or the forming of the Alliance.
Once, they were little more than tribes of warring warriors, living day to day, never building permanent homes, or settling down. These fierce horse warriors competed of the scarce and limited resources of their homeland, and bloody conflict was a daily occurrence. This harsh lifestyle instilled crassness in the value of a human’s life, and bread a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality. Despite the hardships, the tribes grew large and strong, with only the greatest among them living to an age past twenty. A members worth in a tribe was measured by a combination of their skills as a warrior, the stock of their horse and the name of their fathers.
With is growth in population, the Turokhi raiders were forced to expand the territory in which they plied their bloody trade in, and soon gathered a reputation as the bloody handed horse masters. It wasn’t long after that they were noticed by the powerful nations of this world, and their age of unopposed raid and slaughter was soon to end.
They were mercilessly prosecuted, with tribe after tribe falling to the power of these nations armies, until none but the strongest tribes remained. It was in this time that the first great hero of this nation’s history was born.
Pragos was a young boy, no more than sixteen when the first campaigns of extermination were prosecuted against his people. Long had the shamans of his nations predicted the coming of a saviour, a man to unite the tribes and lead them to a paradise, where they could live in plenty and never worry about a meal. Little was it known that this prophecy was to come true in their hour of darkest need. Four years after the beginnings of the great extermination, Pragos had become a powerful warrior, a skilled horseman, and an inspirational leader. Under his leadership, his tribe grew to consume the remainders of the tribes shattered by the Extermination.
Knowing that he could not defeat this invader, he lead his people in a mass exodus, fleeing before the oncoming foe, for more than a moon they fled, but hey were slowed by the need to bring their herds, as well as children and elders. With the enemy closing with every day, Pragos made a decision. He, with twenty thousand of his followers turned to face their enemy and buy time for their people to escape.
With Pragos’ sacrifice, his nation was able to flee into the mountains, but now, they were leaderless and trapped in unfamiliar lands. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, with flocks numbering in the millions, the Turokhi nation was shattered. It was at this time that a twist of the fates led a scout to a ravine in an attempt to find water. Following the ravine, the scout stumbled onto a sight that would forever change the fate of his people…
A new land, one of rolling hills and raging rivers, going on as far as the eye could see, and in the centre, a single peak, reaching up to pierce the very clouds. The Turokhi were quick to spread into this land, but had failed to see the truth. This paradise had already been claimed. A nation of dwarves, ruled over by an ancient household, with an ancient king, had created their kingdom in the mountain in the centre of this land. Quick were the dwarves raised to war, and soon the black smokes of war were seen on the horizon by the Turokhi.
An epic battle, lasting days, with thousands on both sides falling. A stale mate was reached on the fifth day, with the dwarves unable to pin the Turokhi and finish them, and the Turokhi unable to breach the dwarves’ defences. A truce was called, and the leaders of the respective sides met for the first time, in council. When the story of the Turokhi was explained, the dwarf king understood the pain they had suffered, as his people had too suffered at the hands of the nations of this land, and everyone knows, no one can hold a grudge like a dwarf…
A treaty was formed, one of mutual cooperation, where the Turokhi pledged to supply the dwarf nation with food and a portion of their spoils, and the dwarves would open their land to these people and would supply them with any goods they wished to trade with. But the core of their understanding was forged in the mutual hatred of the outside world, and a pact sworn to avenge themselves on those that had wronged them.
Now, seven hundred years later, with the weakening of the outside world, the Turokhi and their dwarven allies stand ready to smash apart their enemies and reclaim the lands rightfully there’s, and nothing will stop them this time. Legions of dwarves, and a host of horse warriors the likes of which this world has never seen stand ready to complete the will of their leaders and destroy the lands remaining in this world. And there are few powers in this world left that can stop them…

-400 000 Conscripts (Human)
-175 000 Light Cavalry (Human)
-100 000 Heavy Infantry (Dwarven)
-25 000 Shamans (Human)
-100 000 Artillery Batteries (Dwarven)
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