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The Sanguinine Zmeu

Their name comes from obviously sanguine mean blood coloured and Zmeu a Slavic dragon man of mythology

Leader: Nosferius, gifted with immense beauty and suaveness, rebel blood angels commander split from main body

Colours: Marjority black with purple trim with bronze decorations

God; Slaanesh

Basically their geneseed began like every other geneseed but slow became corrupted weakening there eyes and skin so much that the sun burnt them. Unfortunately this was not the end of their curse they had a super charged metabolic rate and needed constant sustenance to stop them digesting themselves they ate and drank everything until they relized blood could beat off their curse longer ,but not much, than other forms of sustenance. They fed on blood to live but with every new gene-seed they needed more until they turned on other humans they knew they were doing wrong but couldn’t help it. They pled for mercy but the imperium shunned them but ever loving brother Horus was there to take in his shunned brother and his “children” and that’s how they ended up betraying the Emperor. This greatly aggrieved Nosferius so he turned to slaneesh to seek pleasures that could numb his grief but slaneesh meerly changed his sorrow to hate. Slaneesh made them adept at feeding by sharpening their canines and fingernails and making them all almost as beautiful as their primarch to lead innocent bystanders to their peril…

Sorry no pics but i can't paint chaos or even normal marines to save my life...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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