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[Dark Talon]Whats Been Done!

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Dark Talons
I am putting together this thread so that people do not have to go hunting for all the various threads of this project

The following is a collection of information of all that has been finalized by various members of Heresy Online for the project known as Vision of Heresy. Most of the following is straight from various posts within the threads and the rest comes right from my own notes developed or gathered from private emails and live chat. So if a topic does not match up with something you have read that is because it was never posted and was only discussed between those who were working on the project at that time.

First there are the three stickys of information concerning the history of the Dark Talons, their paint scheme and symbol. They are a must see; however in the History of the Dark Talons there was a change towards the end where Kilm Vanshal is no longer Khorne aligned and does not have a bronzed symbol of Khorne in the place of the Imperial Aquila upon a charred Crozius Arcanum. Instead there is supposed to be the eight pointed star of chaos undivided. This detail has never been edited into the stcky.


After reading the established fluff and working with some members in order to finalise the Dark Talons army list. I have broken down the organizational structure of the Dark Talons using various names from proposed special characters that did not make the polls.

First I will quote from the sticky "History of the Dark Talons

The war band of the Dark Talons currently numbers approximately four hundred marines and due to its comparatively small nature to other forces in the area the Dark Talons generally fights as a whole (the Blood Pact alone is estimated at ¾ of a million strong). Their numbers are however slowly growing due to the ‘helpful’ interest of Fabius Bile; drawn possibly due to the strange mixed nature of the salvaged gene-seed of the Renegade Chapter (see further addendum).
The Chapter is ruled over by Master Retrave and Reclusiarch Tanthus and “Kilm Vanshal” (a former Chaplain of the Chapter, now possessed by a Daemon of an unknown name and allegiance). Other than the top three leaders who have two lieutenants acting as their aids there is very little in the way of a structured hierarchy between the council and squad level. In addition the title of lieutenant is purely honorific as the position gives very little in the way of extra power that an aspiring champion doesn’t already have.

Based off this I have gathered some notes and thought up how I think the organized structure of the Dark Talons would be.

My Notes
With about 400 Dark Talons and climbing I figure that with these small numbers the Dark Talons structure might look something like this.

HIERARCHY - The commanders of the Dark Talons are probably about 10-20 with Master Retrave and Kilm Vanshal being the only chaos lords and Reclusiarch Tanthus would be the Dark Talons most powerful Sorcerer. The rest would be lieutenants and some lower ranked aspiring sorcerers of some kind and then the command squads would be handpicked from the rest the Dark Talons.

Master Retrave - Master and Commander of the Dark Talons, his word is law.

Reclusiarch Tanthus - Sorcerer- The title reclusiarch is recognized from the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes; but as a chaplain. The definition of Reclusiarch is someone who makes all efforts possible to remain alone or with minimal companionship. Now that doesn’t sound like a chaplain at all; but it is perfect for a sorcerer most sorcerers prefer to be alone and learn the secrets of the universe so why not. And in the current Space Marine codex the rank reclusiarch doesn’t even exist anymore.

Kilm Vanshal - Chaos Tactician, former chaplain who is possessed by a daemonic entity with an unknown name. Vanshal appears to have no particular allegiance to any of the four chaos gods.
-Lieutenants-Powerful fighters in their own right and have earned their respected positions within the Dark Talons.

Armendeculus - the Swordsman-Was personally trained by the Val Gaur and is known as Arm for short. Arm would be the highest ranking of the lieutenants he even only has two wounds to show for it.

For some of the Dark Talons lieutenants and sorcerers I took characters from the character polls and gave them positions that were somewhat relative to their creators fluff or I was just trying to fulfill certain positions.

Torturer Issatroth-Trained by Fabius Bile in genetics, Issatroth is responsible for maintaining the multiple gene-seeds that makes up the Dark Talons. Issatroth is also responsible for developing the many implants that are developed for creating space marines. On his own time Issatroth experiments on hundreds of many victims with his many theories on gene manipulation.

Lieutenant Gallo–Oversees the violent and dangerous training of the Dark Talons recruits, Gallos Taskmasters were handpicked from the most vicious and unforgiving of the Dark Talons.

Lieutenant Ligarius–Personal aid to Master Retrave, Ligarius knows many secrets from his days with the Inquisition as a member of the Deathwatch.

Lieutenant Dazhain-Personal aid to Master Retrave, Dazhain is Warmaster of the Dark Talons fleet as he commands from the battleship Betrayers Torment.

Lieutenant Yeremos–Personal aid to Reclusiarch Tanthus, Yeremos is an aspiring sorcerer and an apprentice.

Lieutenant Kartherus–Personal aid to Reclusiarch Tanthus, Kartherus researches daemonic icons and talismans, going through stolen records and scriptures, he watches over the library vault.

Lieutenant Hezek–Personal aid to Kilm Vanshal, Hezek was the first to be strongly influenced by Kilm Vanshals and give his complete and utter devotion.

Lieutenant Garius–Personal aid to Kilm Vanshal, Garius was found by Kilm wondering Kabal III after being abandoned by his own battle brethren and was consumed by despair and insanity.

Lieutenant Vorg–Formally of the Iron Hands Vorg is the Dark Talons techmaster he watches over and ensures the Dark Talons armoured might is in top condition.

There would probably be about 7 other Lieutenants/Sorcerers

*VETERANS-There are probably about 80 that would be considered the veterans of the Dark Talons
-Chosen unit comp: 5-10
-Ravagers unit comp: 5-10
-Terminators-Maybe about 1/4 of the Veterans are Terminators, such armour would be rare and so their unit comp is probably 3-5 and may only have one Terminator Champion.

MARINES- Probably about 300 different marines with all squads not being able to field the numbers that other chaos marines can their unit comp are most likely going to be 5-10 marines strong so that the Dark Talons can stay more flexible. Such squads would be the following
-Talon Command Squads
-Assault Marines- I went with Assault Squads because Raptors are a cult from the Eye of Terror - One squad may be upgraded with Coloth the BoneCrusher
-Bikers- might be a little rarer; squad size would probably be 3-5 with the option of an attack bike
-Havocs-One squad may be upgraded with Havoc Champion Karm Vestatus
-vehicle crewmen

OTHER- These would be the new marines the Dark Talons would have acquired after going out on their own and starting to recruit again and manipulating the multiple gene-seeds using the teachings of Fabius Bile. So there are probably about 50 of them with most being the Savage Wolves, some developing mutations and many probably wouldn’t survive the recruiting process of the Dark Talons.
-Recruits- Probably a unit comp of 5-10 including the TaskMaster
-Savage Wolves- The few space wolves that had joined the Dark Talons have been experimented on by Fabius Bile and their strength was greatly increased. Fabius Bile even introduced their genetic structure into some of the Dark Talons new recruits and many had died. Master Retrave had Bile leave the Dark Talons only sparing his life for the knowledge that was needed for recruitment. The Savage Wolves would be rare and so there might only be one or two squads of 5-10; but Issatroth has the knowledge to make more of them.
-Outcast Marines- those few Dark Talons with mutations are looked down upon by other Dark Taons; however they serve their purpose as the mutations give them a certain edge on the battlefield.

The following is taken from the sticky "History of the Dark Talons"
It has only been since Kabal III and the Val-Gaur’s betrayal that the Chapter has begun to use vehicles in any great number. This was due to the Dark Talons not having any particular need for them before. While under the Blood Pact command they left all the heavy armor to the Blood Pact Tank Divisions. However now, due to their new autonomy, they have been forced to re-supply through piracy and raiding of the depots and forge worlds of the Imperium.

With this I figure the Dark Talons would do a fast hit and run attack, taking what they can in a hurry.

DREADNOUGHTS– Would be extremely rare most likely the armored shell was stolen or recovered and may have been rebuilt so there would be 1-3 at the most.

VEHICLES - 30-50 including the following

Land Raiders would more than likely be just a little too rare for the Dark Talons and they don't have the know how to build daemonic war engines like the Defiler so those two units would be out of the question.

ASSAULT CRAFT – Unknown amount I figure about 40 landing ships and lots of drop pods
-Drop Pods-because the Dark Talons have 2 Strike Cruisers
-Thunder Hawks-maybe just a few; but very doubtful
-Stolen Imperial Assault Boats- more than likely

Despite the listing of so many character names that is only fluff and does not actually bare any specific meaning when it comes to game play or special rules unless they are stated as a special character in the following army list.

Unless stated otherwise units have access to the Chaos Icons.

Master Retrave – Dark Talons Special Character
Kilm Vanshall – Dark Talons Special Character
Armendeculus the Swordsman – Dark Talons Special Character
Dark Talons Lord = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Lord
Dark Talons Lieutenant = Homebrew Unit, Under Discussion
Dark Talons Sorcerer = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Sorcerer
Talon Guard- Homebrew Unit, Incomplete
Dark Talons Chosen = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Chosen
Dark Talons Terminators = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Terminators
Dark Talons Dreadnought = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Dreadnought
Dark Talons Wolves- Homebrew Unit
Dark Talons Mutant Marines- Homebrew Unit
Dark Talons Marines = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Space Marines
Dark Talons Initiates- Homebrew Unit
Dark Talons Rhino = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Rhino
Dark Talons Droppod = Same SM Codex entry Droppod
Fast attack
Dark Talons Bikers = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Bikers
- Attack Bike upgrade = Same SM Codex entry Attack Bike for SM Bike Squad
Dark Talons Assault Squad = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Raptors just use
- Upgrade w/Dark Talons Special Character Coloth the BoneCrusher
Dark Talons Ravagers- Homebrew Unit, Incomplete
Dark Hounds- Homebrew Unit
Heavy Support
Dark Talons Havoc's = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Havoc's
- Upgrade w/Dark Talons Special Character Havoc Champion Karm Vestatus
Dark Talons Predator = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Predators
Dark Talons Vindicator = Same CSM Codex entry Chaos Vindicators
Summoned Daemons
Summoned Lesser Daemons


As you may have noticed much of the Dark Talons has homebrew special characters, units and rules I shall list them down now starting with the very weapon the gives the Dark Talons their name.

Dark Talon Weapon Special Rules

The Dark Talon is a fearsome weapon that has become synonymous with the Dark Talons. This deadly claw like weapon is classed as a power weapon. Any character using the Dark Talon gains the Feel No Pain special rule. In addition any rolls to wound of a 4+ that do not kill the enemy cause them to enter a state of shock. In addition during the next turn of close combat the enemy will strike last and is only able to attack once.

Next are the men who are in charge of the Dark Talons

Master Retrave- 185 points


Unit Type- Infantry
Number/Squad- 1
Wargear- Power Armour
Relic Blade
Bolt Pistol
Frag and Krak Grenades
Special Rules- Fearless
Independent Character
5+ Invulnerable Save
War machine

Relic Blade- A painful reminder from his days as part of the Dark Hands, Retrave gains +2 strength from this two handed weapon.
War Machine- In close combat Master Retrave appears as an unstoppable killing machine. He is gifted with the Counter Attack, Feel No Pain and Furious Charge special rules. Also he gains +D3 extra attacks when charging instead of the normal +1.

Kilm Vanshal-190


Unit Type-Infantry
Wargear-Power Armour
The Corrupted Crozius
The Spiked Halo
Bolt Pistol
Frag and Krak Grenades
Special Rules-Fearless
Independent Character
5+ Invulnerable Save
The Devil Within

The Corrupted Crozius-This weapon is classed as a master-crafted power weapon
The Spiked Rosarius-This is an Imperial Iron Halo that has been twisted by the Dark powers to better suit their whims. It confers a 5+ Invulnerable Save and increases Kilm’s weapon skill by 1(already included in profile).
The Devil Within-Whenever Kilm takes a wound you must take a leadership test. If he fails the test he is consumed by the daemon within him and his strength and toughness increase to five. However his initiative drops to four and he may not use any ranged attacks.

Amandeculus the Swordsman-170 points
Amandeculus (will put as arm for short) fought with his brothers until they were captured at the final battle. He was thought to be dead after a stray missile hit the roof under which he was standing and it collapsed on him. He infact survived, breaking out from under the rubble shortly after his brothers had been taken away. He followed them until they had reached a space port and saw his brothers being loaded onto a transport ship. he ran towards it, hoping to save his brothers, but one of the Loxatl saw him and sounded the alarm.

All the Loxatl that were holding weapons fired at him, and he made it within 10 metres of the ship before he crashed to the ground, almost killed from all the wounds he had taken. he awoke tied to a chair with thick chains and surrounded by Loxatl. He was left their for three days until the door blew opened and a mysterious figure emerged out of it and killled all the Loxatl guarding him. The man led Arm to a transport ship, and told Arm to fly to the nearest planet. Arm obeyed and saw there was a planet not even a light year away. He flew to it and landed in the space port, but when he got out he saw that the dock was deserted. The man then came to him and introduced himself as Val-Gaur. He said he would train him personally so he could gain vengence against those who had taken his brothers away. Arm was tested even harder than his brothers, although he never realised they were only on the other side of the palace. One day Arm saw a group of Loxatl talking to Val-Gaur. Arm flew into a rage and killed the Loxatl and demanded to know why they were here. Val-Gaur told him that they were mercinaries he had hired to help him and had not told Arm because arm would have killed them, like what had happened here.

When the Val-Gaur went down to Kabal III, Arm saw some pics taken from orbit. To his great surpise he saw his brothers fighting, but they seemed to be helping Val-Gaur. He realised Val-Gaur had tricked him so he put on his power armour, armed himself and headed to the docking bay of the ship. when he arrived he saw that Val-Gaur had returned in his ship, and when he emerged he appeared to be greatly disstressed.

Val-Gaur ordered Arm to gather all the Loxatl on the ship and bring them to the surface of the planet. Arm refused, lifted Val-Gaur up and threw him arcoss the dock. Arm then got into the ship Val-Gaur had just arrived in tried to fly to the surface of Kabal III. Val-Gaur had recovered just as Arm hwas entering the atmossphere of Kabal III and lauched a payload of missiles at the ship. Arm's ship was hit and he could no longer control it. he crashed on Kabal III, but Kilm found him on his way to meet the brothers on the planet. He now fights for the Dark Talons cause and is one of their best swordsman

WS 6
BS 4
S 5
T 4
I 6
W 2
A 2
Ld 8
Sv 3+

Special Rules
Master Swordsman-Armandeculus is a master swordsman and if he is in close combat he ALWAYS strikes first.
Independent Character
Counter Attack

Sword of Gorgant (master crafted power sword)
Bolt Pistol
Power Armour

Unit Type-Special/Independent Character

Due to Amandeculus status as a lieutenant among the Dark Talons and fluff related information concerning the hierarchy of the Dark Talons, there was some discussion on whether there should be a homebrew HQ to replace the Chaos Lord option to represent that Master Retrave and Kilm Vanshal are the only Chaos Lords of the Dark Talons.

Now I shall move on to two special characters who are squad upgrades.

Havoc Champion Karm VestatusPoints-60
(One havoc squad may replace its Aspiring Champion with Vestatus.


Wargear-Power Armour
Twin-linked Bolter
Close combat weapon
The Eye of Destruction

The Eye of Destruction- After losing his left eye in a sniper attack Karm had it replaced with an arcane device known as the Eye of Destruction. The eye is an augmented eye attached to an array of surveyors and an antenna array which allows communication to the fleet in orbit. The eye allows any havoc squad he leads to divide their fire between two different targets on a successful leadership test. In addition, Karm may allow one member of his havoc squad to reroll missed shots. He may not use this ability to reroll ‘gets hot’ rolls, as the firing data he provides will not prevent the overload.

Coloth the BoneCrusher -85 pts
One Dark Talons Assault Squad in the army may replace its Aspiring champion with Coloth the BoneCrusher.

WS - 4
BS - 4
S - 4
T - 4
W - 2
I - 4
A - 2
Ld - 10
Sv - 3+

Unit Type: Jump Infantry
Unit Comp: 1
Wargear :
Power Armour
Bolt Pistol
Frag & Krak Grenades
Hammer of Crushing - Power weapon with +1 strength
Bone Sheild - A modified combat shield the confers a 5+ Invulnerable Save against all ranged and melee attacks and counts as having a second close combat weapon.
Malice - Coloth and any squad he leads benefit from the Furious Charge and Stubborn special rules.
Coloth may upgrade his Bolt pistol for a Plasma Pistol for 10 pts

Now I shall move on to the homebrew units of the Dark Talons

HQ - TALON GUARD - Incomplete
Trusted with the lives of an important commander of the Dark Talons only the most loyal and skilled can ever hope to achieve this role.

Talon Guard...40 pts
WS-5, BS-4, S-4, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-2, Ld-10, Sv-3+

Unit Type:

Unit Comp:
4-9 Talon guards

Power Armour
Lightning claw
Bolt pistol
Frag & Krak Grenades.

Special Rules:
Loyal - Any talon guard must be prepared to give up their lives to take this position so up to two wounds can be allocated per Talon Guard before any are allocated to the attached character.

Up to 2 Talon guards may replace their bolt pistol with a plasma pistol or second lightning claw.
Any Talon guard may replace their lightning claw with a power weapon or power fist for free.

The Space Wolves that had joined the Dark Talons became those who spearhead the assault as their squads were strictly trained for melee. When the Dark Talons meet with Fabius Bile he showed them how to replenish their forces even with the mixed gene-seed that made up their forces; but during this time Bile had experimented with the space wolves genetic material by introducing it into a few Dark Talons and their recruits. Many suffered terrible agonizing deaths, some were consumed by violence and savagery and were put down and those that had survived had their strength increased along with some violent tendencies. Now these wolf hybrids are menacing opponents who bring a savage brutality to close combat.

Wolf Champion...35 pts
WS-4, BS-4, S-5, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-3, Ld-10, Sv-3+
Wolf Savage...20 pts
WS-4, BS-4, S-5, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-2, Ld-9, Sv-3+

Unit Type:

Unit Comp:
1 Wolf Champion and 4-9 Wolf Savages

Power Armour
close combat weapon
bolt pistol
Frag & Krak Grenades.

Special Rules:
Savage Strength- The Wolf Savages are exceptionally brutal at close combat. Dark Wolves gain +1 Strength (all ready included in profile) In addition when the Wolf Savages are on the charge the unit gains D6 extra attacks. Note: The D6 is for the unit not each model in the unit.

Wolf Champion may upgrade his bolt pistol with a plasma pistol
Wolf Champion may upgrade his close comabat weapon with one of the following:
Power Weapon
Power Fist
Lightning Claw
Or replace both with a pair of Lightning Claws

Up to two Savages may upgrade their pistols with plasma pistols

Any model may be equipped with Melta Bombs

One model may be given an Icon for 10 pts

Transport: Wolf Savages may be transported by a Rhino or DreadClaw transport

The Wolf Savages are a unit best used for assaults against well everything. They are kind of their own cult faction within the Dark Talons who live and breath with absolute hatred burning in their veins.

Few squad leaders of the Dark Talons have embraced the mutations bought about from the powers of chaos; but none have risen to the full extent of being possessed and only have minor mutations. Their mutations have made them exceptional specialist in certain battlefield roles and have become quite useful from time to time. However the Dark Talons of the Outcast Marines are looked down upon by most Dark Talons and so so they have become

Outcast Champion
same stats and pts cost as a CSM Asp Champion
Outcast Marine
same stats and pts cost as a CSM

Unit Type:

Unit Comp:
1 Outcast Champion & 4-9 Outcast Marines

Power Armour
Frag & Krak Grenades
close combat weapon
bolt pistol

Minor Mutation(see options)
Inspiring Mutation(see options)

Minor Mutation-The mutations of the Outcast Marines are minor in comparison to the ranks of possessed warriors in other chaos forces. Roll 1D6 for the unit and consult the mutation chart below.
1-Mutant Aura - Unit gains a 6+ Invulnerable Save
2-Mutant Vision - Unit gains the Night Vision/Acute Sense special rule
3-Mutant Prowl - Unit Gains the Stealth special rule
4-Mutant Reflex - Unit counts as being equipped with defensive grenades
5-Mutant Venom - Close Combat attacks made by the unit always wound on a 4+
6-Mutant Strength - Unit gains the Relentless special rule

Inspiring Mutation-The Outcast Champion has a mutation that makes him stand out from the rest of the squad the Outcast Champion may be given one of the following mutations:
Mutant Fire for 5 pts-Mutant Champion counts as being equipped with a flamer maybe used in the shooting phase instead of firing a weapon
Mutant Attack for 10 pts- Mutant Champion is given +1 Attack to its profile
Mutant Hide for 10 pts - Mutant Champion is given +1 Toughness to its profile
Mutant Talons for 10 pts-Close combat attacks by the Mutant Champion have the rending special rule, may not be equipped with any other weapons

Outcast Champion may upgrade his bolter with one of the following:
-Twin-Linked Bolter
Outcast Champion may upgrade his close combat weapon with one of the following:
-Power Weapon
-Power Fist
Outcast Champion may upgrade his bolt pistol with a plasma pistol
Outcastt Champion may have melta bombs

Up to one Outcast Marine may upgrade his bolter with one of the following:
-Twin-linked Bolter
-Plasma Gun
-Melta Gun
If squad numbers ten models, a second Outcast Marine may upgrade his bolter with one of the following:
-Twin-linked Bolter
-Plasma Gun
-Melta Gun
One Outcast Marine may be upgraded to an Icon Bearer of Chaos Glory for 10 pts

Transport: Outcasts may be transported by a Rhino or DreadClaw/Drop pod transport

Taskmaster Initiate
Pnts/Model 50 12
WS 5 4
BS 4 3
S 4 4
T 4 4
W 1 1
I 4 4
A 2 1
Ld 10 8
Sv 3+ 3+

Unit Type- Infantry
Number/Squad-1 Taskmaster and 4-19 Initiates
Wargear-Bolter or Bolt Pistol and CCW (Initiate)
Master-crafted Bolt Pistol (Taskmaster)
Barbed Whip (Taskmaster)
Special Rules-Retreat is Betrayal

Barbed Whip- This weapon is treated power weapon that automatically wounds on all roll to hits of 6.
Retreat is Betrayal- All units under the command of a Taskmaster know what fate awaits them should they fail. Any unit with a Taskmaster can re-roll any leadership tests they have to take. If a unit does attempt to retreat that has a Taskmaster in it the Taskmaster persuades them to change their mind. The unit that has attempted to retreat loses one model automatically as punishment for trying to retreat. In addition the Taskmaster never leads the Initiates, being there only to teach them the ways of the Dark Talons and aid them in battle. Because of this all leadership tests that have to be taken are taken at the Initiates leadership.

The Dark Talons Veteran Assault squads are known as Ravagers who are equipped with either pairs of lightning claws or with the heavy chainswords known as eviscerators. Ravagers can shred any foe to pieces with their special melee weapons from infantry to tanks and monsters.

Ravager...40 pts
WS - 4
BS - 4
S - 4
T - 4
W - 1
I - 4
A - 2
Ld 10
Sv 3+

Unit Type:
Jump Infantry

Unit Comp:

Power Armour
Jump Pack
Lightning Claws
Frag & Krak Grenades.

Special Rules:
Deep Strike

One model may be given one of the following Icons:
Chaos Glory for 10 pts
Slaanesh for 20 pts
Khorne for 30 pts
Nurgle for 50 pts
Tzeentch for 40 pts

Any Ravager model may replace their lightning claws with an eviscerator and bolt pistol for + 5 pts

Dark Hounds-12 pnts per model


Wargear- Fangs and Claws
Special Rules- Chaos Bloodhound

Fangs and Claws- All attacks made by a Dark Talon hound are classed as rending attacks.
Chaos Bloodhound- This unit may move 12" per turn, have the Furious Charge special rule, and are unaffected by the Night Fight special rule.

This is actually a lot and most just needs fine tuning to finish up the project :eek:k:


:read: based off of what I been reading lately the prime subjects that are in question or appear to be in question is HQ options, new special character rules for Reclusiarch Tanthus, Torturer Issatroth and a possible change of the current paint scheme.

Before everyone goes off and starts making suggestions, coming up with more ideas and trying to make changes on their own. I am going to suggests that someone is appointed as project manager so that there is some form of control for this project.

If anyone has any specific questions concerning the Dark Talons just ask and I will answer and thank you for taking the time to read through my large massive post :) i will try to edit and add more as we go along.
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