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The History Of The Dark Talons - Part One
Written by Hephesto, Elchimpster and Jacobite
Edited by Wraithlord and Elchimpster


The war had lasted for nearly three decades now and for thirty years the forces of the Imperium had been desperately attempting to push back the legions of the Archenemy from the Sabbat Worlds. Initially the countless Imperial forces under the command of Warmaster Slaydo made good progress, conquering several worlds and even disposing of the renegade archon Nadzybar. But then the tide of war took a turn for the worse, a new leader rose among the many chaos magisters that led the various armies in the region.

The new Archon, Urlock Gaur, not only proved to be a capable strategist, he brought about a major turn around in the traitors that held the planets of the Khan group in their firm grip. His new lieutenants proved to be of far superior quality than those that had served under Nadzybar. The likes of Anakwanar Sek, Enok Innokenti and Shebol Red-Hand bringing the Imperial advance to a stand still, with every world, every settlement turning into long, brutal ground battle. To make matters worse many of these new magisters brought with them new highly disciplined and trained troops. Many of them equal or even superior to the Imperial Guard, among them Gaur’s personal army the Blood Pact and the sadistic Son's of Sek.

In the hopes of breaking the back of the Archenemy’s forces the Imperium poured more and more troops into the Khan system, attempting to not only defeat them on the battlefield but also to cut their supply lines from deeper in the Sabbat Worlds Cluster. One of these many efforts was undertaken by the Dark Hands Chapter. Their object was to flank the Sabbat worlds and then make a small warp jump behind the enemy lines to take out several worlds which acted as staging posts for the Blood Pact and Traitor Legions. Once these worlds were liberated they could be reinforced and used as a staging post for the Imperuim's forces to not only push deeper into the Sabbat Worlds cluster but also to double back and attack the enemy from the rear. It was a ambitious strategy especially given that Warmaster Macaroth had only been in command for a matter of months. The first planet to be assaulted was Kabal III, a planet that would soon become the site of the Chapters shame, though it would take them 10 years before they became aware of it.


Casualties had been enormous; nearly all the guardsmen at observation post X-82 Alpha lay dead in the bloody, mud filled trenches surrounding the vast radar dishes and communication bunkers. If it had not been for the arrival of the Space Marines of the Dark Hands Chapter the attacking Blood Pact troops would have surely re-taken the station, sending even more information to their treacherous masters hiding on the planets on the edge of the system.

Striding through the mud brother Anadrius inspected the remaining troops. He could see the fear in the eyes of the survivors and he knew just as well that they would not be able to withstand another attack. Twenty Space Marines and a handful of wounded guardsmen were no match for another regiment of veteran Blood Pact troopers. All that rested them was to sell their lives as dearly as possible...and get as much information out of ‘the prisoner’ as they could.

As the door of the communications bunker closed behind him Anadrius removed his helmet and observed as Apothecary Diganus began to remove the sealed helmet of the prisoner. How this traitor had managed to survive several plasma shots to the chest still alluded Anadrius. Though he was wearing power armor he should be dead, a pile of smoldering ceramite. His armor was adorned with all manner spikes and sigils, its

Still awaiting color scheme choice;
dark red and black (or whatever color we end up with) contrasted by the gold decorations.

Most disturbing were his gauntlets, each of them ending in wickedly barbed and seemingly scarred claws. The right one aligned with tiny extremely sharp tubes, which the traitor had used with great skill during the battle, the gore of marine and guardsman alike still slowly leaking from the tubing.

His helmet resembled a grimacing face, much like the grotesque facial masks worn by the Blood Pact. As the Apothecary removed it the gathered marines watched with resentment in their mind, expecting the vilest of creatures to inhabit this defiled piece of ancient armour. But the face that was revealed shocked them more than any warped mutant ever could. With a grin on his face the traitor turned to Anadrius and in a voice dripping with contempt spoke:

‘What’s wrong Anadrius, don’t you recognize your fellow battle-brother? Or is your memory so short lived,...old friend?’

Though his face was heavily scarred, Anadrius indeed recognized the man he had once called brother. A man who had served with him through uncountable battles, who he believed to have been dead for over a decade. Still shocked, he slowly turned to Apothecary Diganus and nodded him to continue. What followed were three hours of interrogation, or what any civilized man would call torture. The heretic withstood everything the Apothecary unleashed on him until he once more sneered at Anadrius,

‘So you want to know, do you? Do you really...brother? Fine, I’ll tell you. But not because of this feeble attempt at persuasion, but because we’ll all be dead before the end of the day....and because I still owe you. Remember Kabal III? Remember how you and the others left us while you fled?


Over 20 years had passed since that dark day in the history of the Dark Hands chapter; on Kabal III they had fought the most costly of battles. Though the Imperial Invasion Force had consisted of six full Space Marine companies, two regiments of Imperial Guard and an Armored Company, the world they faced turned out to be in the direct path of the major transport route for Blood Pact troops into the Khan Sector. To make matters worse recon reports had been wrong, the Space Marines had expected minimal resistance, and instead they encountered over fifteen Brigades of highly trained and well armed Blood Pact. What should have been a straight forward invasion, liberation and reinforcement quickly turned into a massacre, the Imperial Forces out numbered nearly 20 to 1. The entire planet of Kabal III took up arms against the Imperial Forces.

The Third company and portions of the First and Eighth companies made landfall in the Arganus Secundus hive lead by First Captain Retrave, embarking in the middle of the hidden enemy forces concentrated there. The Fourth Company under the command of Librarian Tanthus landed in the trenches outside the hive and began to fight their way in while the Sixth and Seventh companies backing up the Guard regiments and Armored Company as they focused on other objects across the planet’s surface. As soon as the Imperial Forces landed strange activity began in orbit, and unpredicted warp activity began to make communication difficult. Within hours radio contact between the fleet and the would be liberators was severed, leaving many of the pockets of Space Marines in the hive stranded and most certainly doomed. Over the course of the next two weeks fighting continued across the planet, with the Imperial forces slowly, but surely being pushed back to a ravine which had been designated as the fall back location.

The only success story came from the Fourth Company who broke through to their brothers inside the Hive. After meeting up with the rest of the Dark Hands the forces continued into the Hive via a tunnel which they believed would lead them to the Plasma Rectors deep within the Hive Core, if they could shut them down then the assembly lines supplying the Chaos forces would grind to a halt. The rest of the Imperial forces were forced to start a tactical retreat however which soon turned to an all-out route of the Guard Regiments once they realized the extent of heretic Blood Pact forces. It took the lives of half of the Marines of the Sixth Company to prevent a complete massacre. When the commanding officers realized just how numerous the enemy was, the commander in charge, Lieutenant General Qalan, ordered a retreat from the planet.

Unwilling to leave any Marines behind, alive or dead, the Dark Hands made desperate raids into Arganus Secundus hive hoping to find survivors of the First, Third, Fourth and Eighth company. All they found were scores of dead guardsmen and traitors. Of the tunnel that the Space Marines had gone through there was no sign. Trying to raise the lost companies on the radio yielded nothing. Swearing vengeance for the spilled blood of their brethren the Dark Hands reluctantly withdrew from the planet. Of the nearly 500 hundred marines that came to the planet, only 100 left alive. To make matters worse only one body was recovered from the blasted, smoldering ruins of Hive Arganus Secundus. When it became clear that they couldn’t wait any longer due to both the proximity of the Warp Activity, which was fast becoming a full scale Warp Storm, and the approaching enemy the last Thunderhawks returned to the remnants of the Imperial fleet in orbit, leaving one last radio broadcast to their lost brethren. The last message was:

“Brothers, if any of you are still living hear this cry. We cannot stay, the magics of the enemy grow near and we must go. We have waited for as long as we can. We will avenge your fate brothers! May the Emperor be with you. Die with honor. You’re on your own”


And now, two decades later, Anadrius stood face to face with one of those who’s death he had sworn to avenge.

Breathing heavily, covered in blood, most of it his own, the traitor continued;

‘You and the others left us there to die, you could have stayed - you had the man power, you could have raised the planet! But like cowards you ran while we fought on, we saw you go!. That’s right we had completed our mission and were heading to relieve you. Our radios were being interfered with, we had heard your transmissions, but we couldn’t reply. When we finally made it to the drop zone we were just in time to see your Thunderhawks fly off. We screamed into our radios for you to return until our voices were raw. You left us so we fought on, for six months we fought. By some cruel twist of fate the last message you sent to us was constantly ringing in our ears, even when the vox finally failed it still could be heard over the wind. It was mocking us, taunting us with your cowardice. One by one we fell and as each of us fell we began to see the truth. We began to see that the Emperor was a lie!. Everything we had been taught was false. All the while we were being slowly ripped apart by those Loxatl broods and Blood Pact troopers. I know not how much time went by until I myself was shot down, all I know is that it damn well hurt. Turns out those reptilian mercenaries had instructions to capture, not kill, as many of us as they could. And though many of them died in the process they’d managed to maim then capture nearly all of us. I had half my face ripped up and my left arm torn clean off by a Loxatl claw in a brawl on the eastern side of the Hive, before passing out from a combination of pain and shock maul blows to the head.

When I awoke I found myself heavily restrained on a slab of stone on board of a transport vessel that seemed to be in full descent. My armor had been stripped from me and I was dressed in a rough spun smock. From a small amount I could turn my head I could see that I was in a vast hold and surrounded by my brothers, some of them I had seen shot and maimed before my very eyes. Now they seemed to be in a perfect state of health bar scarring.

After the transport landed we were marched from the ship’s hold into the blistering heat of whatever hellhole of a planet we were on. Under it’s three suns, the two hundred and sixty of us who had been captured we were driven like cattle, prodded, directed and driven through the desert. We were herded to a great and distant city which beckoned us forwards as we made our first steps on this unknown world. Restrained we marched for days. For every one of us there were at least five Blood Pact with shock mauls to guard us. On the first day alone six brothers were executed for killing one of the Blood Pact guards. They needn’t have bothered both the restraints and the dangers of the desert proved very effective in preventing escape. That same day five others drowned in the quicksand created by some monstrous desert scorpion as they attempted to escape.

When we finally arrived in the city we were not alone, nearly one hundred other marine captives had been led there. They came from every chapter imaginable. What followed goes beyond your darkest and most frightful imaginations.....brother’

He said this smiling painfully to Anadrius, and angered the marine responded.

‘We are no longer brothers; you have picked up weapons against the rightful champions of the Emperor. A deed that can never be forg......’

‘Yes, yes treachery, damnation, fallen from the light...spare me the sermon Anadrius. You know better than to blindly follow every word of your overzealous Chaplains, what happened to the intelligent, independent man I once knew’, the traitor replied spitefully..

Stepping forward Anadrius gripped the traitor by the neck, slowly lifting him into the air. Hatred burning in his eyes as he tightened his grip until Apothecary Diganus stepped in.

‘Restrain yourself brother, this Heretic may yet provide us with more information. I assure you he will feel the Emperor’s wrath before this day is past and it shall neither be swift or merciful.’

Reluctantly Anadrius released the heretic, the Apothecary again restraining the prisoner to the chair before injecting him with a mixture of stimulants that would keep him alive for a few more hours. Taking a deep, heavy breath the traitor continued in a slowly weakening voice;

‘Always the follower.......right brother? Very well I’ll continue: for month we were imprisoned beneath the city. Alone in a cell all I heard for that first month was screams of pain, anger and your ever present radio transmission, until they finally came for me. My body, my very mind became a shrine to torture. My flesh a canvas upon which with violent brushes the colors of pain and despair were painted. They used everything against us: pain, pleasure, starvation, daemon fire… and always accompanied by those words. At the beginning I figured I would be able to resist whatever my so-called captors could throw at me. And I did, for a while....until the hunger, the pain and the madness started to take its toll.

I know not how long I spend in that place, nor do I care to find out. All I know is that I survived and I was once more led to the surface. There I finally saw the now broken and bruised faces of the others. There were about two hundred of us. Decades of training and warfare seemed to have been washed away and for the first time I felt disgust for myself and them. We were nothing but shattered husks of warriors, no master, no purpose. Despite our prayers and training we were breaking.......giving up.

We were led, and surprisingly not driven, to what seemed to be the palace of whatever Imperial governor once ruled over this world centuries ago. Its splendor contrasted heavily with the cell and torture chambers that had housed me for a long time. We shuffled, I would like to say marched but most of us could barely walk upright let alone march. So we shuffled, through giant hallways and galleries accompanied by our guards and everywhere soldiers stood in dark red kit with gnarling golden face masks...staring at us, with what almost felt like envy. We were all forced into a great cavern, a holding cell. I saw many of my old comrades: First Captain Retrave, Librarian Tanthus but not a single one of us said a word to each other. The guards moved amongst us, pushing us into groups. Every now and then a group would be lead away.

After several days my group was pushed out and directed down a long tunnel. We finally came to a great gathering hall, what I can only imagine once held the goverment of this world. Scattered throughout the hall lay the decaying reminders of the Imperium’s abandonment of this place. And there we stood a dozen wounded, nearly broken Space Marines. Amongst my group was Librarian Tanthus, a Space Wolf easily recognizable thanks to his fangs, two Iron Drakes with their wyrm tattoos and finally an Imperial Fist, still trying to look as arrogant as ever. Tanthus’s eyes were blood red and I could only guess at what sort of treatment he had endured. The remaining members of the group were all Dark Hands.

At the centre of the room, on a high throne sat a massive man clad in ancient deformed power armor. Slowly turning towards us he spoke with a voice that both chilled and intrigued me. He spoke to us with respect, honoring our deeds since the beginning of the war. Proclaiming us the greatest, the strongest among his prized prisoners. We were told that we, and the two hundred others that had survived the dungeons, would now receive our reward... if only I had knew then what I know now.....

He spoke to each of us, calling us by name, knowing things most of us had nearly forgotten. We and we alone would be given the honor to stand before him, the Val-Gaur. For our strength and honor we would be given the choice none had been given before. Upon his command twelve suits of ornate power armour were brought in, each of them more intricate than the last, but all of them bearing hideous clawlike gauntlets.

We were given the choice, join the Val-Gaur as his trusted and rightfully feared Chosen or fight him and die in honorable combat. The Val-Gaur turned out to be one of Urlock Gaur’s most trusted advisors and Generals. He could offer us all we ever wanted and all along my eyes were draw to the suits of power armor. They called to me, and sung out promises of death, revenge and riches. A siren song promising me great power.

One of the Iron Drakes was first to decide, head held high he strode across the floor towards the stairs to the raised platform and with quick steps he made his way up towards the seated man. A guard attempted to block his path but with a sweep of his hand the Iron Drake wrenched the stave from Blood Pact’s fist, this was quickly followed by a kick that sent his body flying through the air. Twirling the staff experimentally the marine swung it towards the armored figure’s head. A bladed gauntlet shot up and blocked the blow before the other hand punched forward and sliced into the Astartes abdomen, ripping up and out in a spray of blood and gore. With a gurgle the Space Marine fell to the floor before rolling to the foot of the stairs in a smear of red.

‘A most unwise choice’, the Val-Gaur spoke mockingly.

A Dark Hand was next to make his choice, he took a step forward and made his way towards the power armor. The Imperial Fist, seeing this, charged forward with a wordless scream and threw himself onto the back of the marine, bringing him to the ground. The two began to fight, great swinging blows of their fists impacting on each others heads. Several guards made moves to intercept but the figure on the throne gestured them to stop and continued to watch the fight below. Another Dark Hands Marine charged forward to help the Imperial Fist. I recognized the new combatant, he had been a Chaplin in the Eighth Company. It was at that point that librarian Tanthus stepped forward. With a look up at the throne and with outstretched hand he immolated the struggling figures with purple fire. The room became filled with the smell of burning flesh and the sound of crackling bones could be heard. The enthroned man just gave a sinister smile and continued to stare down at us. Still looking up at the Val-Gaur, Thantus slowly walked towards the power armor and none of the remaining prisoners made an attempt to stop him.

It was at this moment that those of us still in line began to see the truth, we began to see that the Emperor was a lie. Everything we had been taught was false. I hated the Imperium for abandoning us on Kabal III, I hated all of you who had betrayed us and left us to die. I realized that there was no way out, that Chaos was the only true answer. That Chaos was the power we all wanted, and was our right as Astartes. Each time we faced our former brothers we were careful not to kill them. Haven’t you wondered what has happened to the rest of the Eighth Company Anadrius?.

Anadrius bristled, as did every other marine in the room. The Eight had been missing for several years while going missing in transit. The Chaos marine saw this and laughed.

'No' whispered Anadrius, unable to comprehend what the traitor was saying.

'Yes brother, yet more of the Dark Hands joined us. We took new recruits from veterans among the Blood Pact and through careful planning our numbers swelled to three hundred, then four and finally there were seven hundred of us. We grew rich, powerful… and overconfident. We soon learnt the price of our loyalty. '

The History Of The Dark Talons - Part 2.5

So we began our service to our new master. Not because of duty, or training since birth, but of our own will and ambition for vengeance of those that had betrayed us.

Out of the two hundred and twenty five that had survived the cells only twenty five turned down the armor and were killed. And together we formed a new Chapter: The Dark Talons. The majority of us were former Dark Hands but there were others, others like Space Wolves and a few Iron Drakes. We were lead by Tanthus and First Captain Retrave. Now you may be the Dark Hand of Death, Anadrius, sent by the Emperor to exact his will upon your enemies but I became a Dark Talon of the Val-Gaur: sharp, swift, deadly. For over a decade I fought as a Lieutenant against the Val-Gaur’s rivals both Imperial and Chaos, crushing his opponent’s skulls beneath my armored boot. We were his personal bodyguards and every victory we won replenished our ranks with more and more Astartes seeing the truth. Our numbers swelled to three hundred, then four and finally there were seven hundred of us. We grew rich, powerful… and over confident. We soon learnt the price of our loyalty.

‘As is your punishment traitor, your own arrogance and lust for power has dammed you!’ interrupted Anadrius, ‘so for crimes against the Emperor, for desertion and heresy I sentence you to death’

‘Oh shut up you pompass ass’ laughed the restrained man, ‘I haven’t finished yet, the story is only halfway told. Now if you would let me finish…’

His voice trailed off, waiting for the answer. Before giving the go ahead Anadrius quickly spoke into his radio. It seemed they still had time before the enemy broke through. Grudgingly he nodded. The fallen Astartes continued his voice now barely a whisper:


‘For years we proved our strength to our master. You think the rivalry between the Astartes is intense, it is nothing compared to the competition we went through to gain the Val-Gaur’s favor. We fought everybody, Blood Pact, Mutants, other Chaos Legions, the Imperium, whoever we could, we killed. We proved our strength through the fires of combat, millions fell to our blades and our name became synomomous with fear. Soon the Val-Gaur began to make plans, plans that would make him the new Archon but the entire scheme rested on one planet. A planet he knew the Dark Talons would do anything to return to: Kabal III. He knew that this was where the Gaur was, planning the next phase of the war. So we returned to the world that was our undoing. This time we swore it would be different.

But yet again the enemy knew we were coming. A minder high up in the command structure must have leaked Val-Gaurs true intentions to Urlock because we were greeted by wave upon wave of Blood Pact. We fought like men possessed, not one single blade or bullet even came near the Val Gaur…’

The traitor paused, his face darkening with rage

‘If only his nerve was as strong as we were! Like you he fled when the battle began to look like we would lose. He left us to fight a rear guard action while he escaped into orbit. We were left to be butchered like cattle while he ran away with his tail between his legs. No doubt he expected us to tie up the Gaur’s forces long enough to regroup the few loyal to him and then strike again. Our blood was to pay for his escape. Our blood paid for nothing!. We set that world alight with our rage. We put every single man, woman and child on that planet to the sword, the sky was black with the smoke of burning cities and screams rent the air. You should have seen it Anadrius, it was beautiful, piles of bodies higher than mountains and all the while the rage coursing through our veins.

In the ruins of Hive Arganus Secundus we stood, the hour hundred that remained, the veterans of both betrayals. It was there we held a council. Every man had the right to speak. We didn’t know what to do, no master, no direction. Some said we should go to Urlock Gaur and pledge our blades to him, some were for hunting down Val-Gaur and making him pay. A few wanted to join the Red Corsairs. We all knew however that we couldn’t ever trust another mortal again. Not after all the back stabbing. It was then that a figure appeared from out of the smoke, it was like watching a ghost appear before us.

He was dressed in antique power armor, black and white with his head covered with a death’s head helmet, blackened spiked halo and carrying a charred Crozius Arcanum with a bronzed symbol of Khorne in the place of the Imperial Aquila. We all watched as the man strode into the circle. Bolters trained on the pitted and scarred figure as he came forth confidently. First Captain Retrave walked over to the figure, challenging him. For a moment the strange marine just looked at the Captain. Then the figure spoke:

“You need not fear me for in your hatred you are not alone.”

Those words have never left me. The man then removed his hood to reveal a pale face. His face drawn in a rictus of death, as if his flesh had molded to take on the personification of the reaper himself. His eyes glowed with an unearthly sheen that gave his pale flesh a sickly pallor. The similarities to the Dark Hands genetic line was unmistakable. The strong brow, the shape of the eyes, the curvature of the skull. Scars lined his face, and it was apparent that portions of his body were replaced with bionic augmentations.

“I know you… Kilm Vanshal…you were killed.” The First Captain said, taken aback.

“No Brother…I survived, and so did several others.” Chaplain Vanshal said. There was motion outside the circle, and marines spun to action immediately, untold years of battle experience showing as Astartes sighted down bolters. Dozens of power-armored figures stood up from strategic positions around the circle. The moment was tense, as hairs stood on end, adrenaline coursed through veins and synapses fired efficiently as only a genetically enhanced super human’s can.

The First Captain drew his bolt-pistol in a lightning flash, pointing directly in to the right eye-socket of the Chaplain. “Betrayal, Kilm? Is that what you are here for? Vengeance?”

“No, not vengeance. Or rather a vengeance shared. While we are only a few dozen in strength, we could destroy you…but that would accomplish nothing and would only benefit the slaves of the corpse god. A test First Captain. A test of your resolve. A test of your desire. A test of your fortitude. Do you have what it takes to take what is left, of your men, and mine, and make it a viable force again?”

“Do I blow your head off to pass this test…brother?” The First Captain said with a slight grin, pressing the barrel of the bolt pistol against the chaplain’s skull.

“He is not alone First Captain” Tanthus said, his eyes aglow “he has a rider within.”

Kilm smiled, “Yes, my fine psyker friend, I do. I have been given…gifts, and I am stronger now that I have ever been. Slaying me will only earn you our enmity.” With that the chaplain removed his gauntlets, revealing talons that seemed to pop from hidden housings of flesh and tendon. His canines enlarged and his ceramatite plates popped under pressure as the body within expanded. “My name is my own, and I keep it secret, but you may call me Kilm, this pleases us.”

“All right, ‘Kilm’, what do you propose?” The First Captain said.

The being wearing the twisted flesh of Chaplain Kilm explained a plan to recover an artifact, combining forces, then to later create a wholly new chapter, with First Captain Retrave as the Chapter master, and a plan to wreak havoc on the slaves of the Corpse God of the Imperium.

Reluctantly, Retrave agreed and we joined forces with the “Being” Kilm.

Since then we have grown more powerful. We are stronger now than you, stronger than any of the followers of the False Emperor, or the decrepit legions of old. There is nothing you can do to stop us, no way to predict where we will strike next and although you may kill me there is…"

Before he could finish his sentence a great explosion shook the bunker, the Blood Pact had returned to complete their task. Turning towards the traitor Anadrius spoke,

‘Looks like justice will be swift for you after all......brother’

And with that he grabbed the bolt pistol off the table, before shooting the heretic point blank. Turning towards the one of the other marines he shouted a final order before grabbing his helmet and stepping back outside, into the mud, into the firestorm;

‘We’ll buy you time, now get this information sent out, this new threat could be the undoing of us all.....’


- Origins -

The Dark Talons proclaim themselves to be the remnants of the once thought lost Third and Fourth companies (along with portions of the First and Eighth) of the Black Hands Space Marine Chapter. The legion is made up, in the majority, by members of the Dark Hands Chapter although the markings of certain other members indicate that the Chapter does contain a sizable number of traitors from other chapters.

The Dark Hands Space Marine Chapter was founded from Imperial Fist geneseed in 783.M34 to combat disturbances in the Segmentum Pacificus. The Chapter soon gained a reputation for its bravery and its arrogance. The only Chapter the Dark Hands acknowledged as being superior to their own was the Imperial Fists. The Chapter specialized in assault tactics and was often the first to breach the walls of enemy fortresses after smashing the enemy defenses asunder with short range fire fights that showed the metal and courage of the Chapter. They always preferred to meet the enemy face to face and disdained the use of tactics which relied on of guile and stealth.

During the siege of Kabal III during the Sabbat World Crusade the Dark Hands saw intensive fighting which resulted in massive casualties. The survivors were forced to abandon the planet after a warp storm threatened to cut off the planet from the wider Crusade. Believing the largest of their numbers to be dead the Sixth and Seventh Companies withdrew from the planet. What they did not know was that the surviving members of the First, Third, Fourth and Eighth were only one kilometer away from the extraction zone when they left. The survivors were forced to continue the war. After six months of constant fighting the last of the abandoned Dark Hands was brought down. In a peculiar move by the Forces of Chaos, the Space Marines were deliberately captured rather than killed. The prisoners were then transported deep with Chaos Territory to a unknown fate.

Thirty years later the Chapter returned to Imperial space. They were, however, completely unrecognizable. Their armor and tactics had changed and the arrogance and disdain towards the weaker members of the Imperium had transformed into a full hatred of those who had abandoned them.

After the Dark Hands found out that their brethren had fallen to Chaos and returned they changed their name to The Knights Of Shame. Shortly after they embarked upon a 500 year Crusade to remove any taint of corruption within their ranks. All iconography, purity seals, gilding, and rank badges were removed from their armor and the Chapter now fights in bare metal. They have even taken the unusual step of requesting an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor to be with them at all times.

- Gene-seed And Mutation -

The Dark Talons’ geneseed knows quite a bit of variation, due to their ranks being made up of members of various chapters, legions and the practice of salvaging geneseed from fallen comrades and enemies alike.. Unlike other Chaos Legions the Dark Talon’s only suffer from a minimum amount of mutation in their Geneseed. The reason for this is most likely due to the limited time the chapter has spent in the maelstrom in comparison to many of the other, more established renegade chapters. Only time will tell…

- Combat Doctrine -

After being left behind on Kabal III the Dark Talons were forced to adapt their tactics to suit the hit-and-run nature of the war they were then forced to fight. Instead of the ‘up the centre’ approach that they had previously taken the chapter began to operate using short sharp strikes characterized by brutal close combat before withdrawing and striking somewhere different.

After joining the forces of the Val-Gaur the Dark Talons operated as lieutenants, and commanders in the Blood Pact under the Val-Gaur’s command as well as acting as his personal bodyguard. Close combat remained the preferred fighting style as it allowed them to prove themselves worthy of their position as the chosen of the Val-Gaur. As an added bonus it also allowed them to take out their anger and hatred on the enemy at a personal level. This preference for up front combat very soon began to border on behavior that has become the hallmark of the likes of the World Eaters Legion and the Berserker cult was began to become quite sizable within the Dark Talon ranks. If it was not for the second betrayal on Kabal III, and the massive losses incurred, it is quite possible that the entire Chapter would have succumb entirely to Khorne’s insane blood lust.

After the Second Betrayal the Dark Talons have become more controlled. This may be a direct result of no longer being so closely affiliated with Khorne or simply a shift in direction due to the involvement of Kilm Vanshal.

It has only been since Kabal III and the Val-Gaur’s betrayal that the Chapter has begun to use vehicles in any great number. This was due to the Dark Talons not having any particular need for them before. While under the Blood Pact command they left all the heavy armor to the Blood Pact Tank Divisions. However now, due to their new autonomy, they have been forced to re-supply through piracy and raiding of the depots and forge worlds of the Imperium.

The Chapter has returned to a sort of middle ground between the combat styles, they now operate with a very fluid and unpredictable grace that often confuses the enemy. Squads will strike seemingly at random before the full weight of the Dark Talons comes crashing down.

- Organization -

The Legion currently numbers approximately four hundred marines and due to it’s comparatively small nature to other forces in the area the Dark Talons generally fights as a whole (the Blood Pact alone is estimated at ¾ of a million strong). Their numbers are however slowly growing due to the ‘helpful’ interest of Fabius Bile; drawn possibly due to the strange mixed nature of the salvaged geneseed the Renegade Chapter (see futher addendum).

The Chapter is ruled over by Master Retrave and Reclusiarch Tanthus and “Kilm Vanshal” (a former Chaplain of the Chapter, now possessed by a Daemon of unknown name and allegiance). Other than each of the three leaders having two lieutenants who act as their aids there is very little in the way of a structured hierarchy between the council and squad level. In addition the title of lieutenant is purely honorific as the position gives very little in the way of extra power that a sergeant doesn’t already have.

- Allies -

Due to their time in the service of the Val-Gaur, the Dark Talons have ties with the various heretic organizations in the Sabbat Worlds region and have on rare occasions been seen operating along sides the likes of the Sons of Sek and the Blood Pact. They also enjoy a very good relationship with the mercenary Loxatl, despite the obvious issues between the two forces. The Dark Talons will play one God’s forces against another and will not hesitate to ally themselves with one side in order to achieve their goals.

The use of daemons within the Chapter isn't that common, although they have been known to be tricked into fighting for the Talon's through the use of captured icons. When they are used they generally are deployed as fodder to keep Dark Talon's squads from taking casualties.

- Characteristic Features -

The power armor of the Dark Talons is highly ornate and each individual warrior is free to personalize his armor with what ever adornments he wishes. Some choose to retain the bestial, grinning facial masks that they had affected while serving with the Blood Pact. Others remove all vestiges of their service and start afresh, adorning themselves with trophies and kill markings. Certain members of the Chapter also appear to possess an un-canning ability to take an unusually large amount of punishment before going down. This is believed to be linked to their use of what have been called a Dark Talon. This gauntlet weapon, usually only used by a handful of champion’s is fixed to the right lower arm is an ornate claw riddled with wicked barbs and spikes. This alone would prove an effective close combat weapon, but reports have shown that this weapon can be used to remove certain fluids from victims through the very small, but surgically sharp tubing throughout the gauntlet. It also is apparently able to perform the dual functions of redactor and narthecum. Whatever the precise effects of this liquid may be is unknown, but champions have proven to greatly increase in strength and endurance for a short period after utilizing the gauntlet in this fashion. Through the use of this Dark Talon the squad leaders are able to harvest Geneseed from friend and foe.

- Legion symbol -

The original Dark Hands chapter symbol seems to have been the basis for the legion’s new symbol. Originally a mailed hand commanding halt, it has now turned into a grabbing talon.

- Battle-cry -

A hate filled cry of: "Vengeance for the betrayed!"

- Beliefs -

The Dark Talons have a very clear philosophy to war in which they are convinced of their superiority to all other forces and will go to great lengths, using allies, infiltrators and spies, to gain the strategic upper hand.

- Transport And Warp Fleet -

The Chapter transports itself using the remains of the fleet it had while in service of the Val-Gaur as well as other ships it has picked up along the way. Reports vary on the number of ships in the fleet but they generally number between eight and ten. The one ship that remains consistent in all reports is Desolator Class Battleship known ‘Betrayers Torment’. How the Chapter came into possession of the ship is unknown since it has been out of Imperial service since M34. Never the less the ‘Betrayers Torment’ is considered the Flagship of the Dark Talon’s fleet. It is frequently escorted by Slaughter Class Cruiser called Obsidian Talon. This ship is believed to be the personal vessel of the Kilm Vanshal and is known and feared for its speed and grace. Other ships thought to be in service with the fleet include two Space Marine Strike Cruisers and a number of Imperial Cobra Class Patrols.

- Home World -

The location of the base of operations for the Dark Talons is unknown. One theory that has some merit to it is that it is located somewhere in the Warp and is shrouded from unfriendly eyes by daemonic powers. If that is the case then finding it and eliminating it would prove very difficult even to the most well equipped fleet.

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I like it dude with the execption of one thing - the Khorne symbol on Vanshall's crozus. I know that the legion started out as Khorne affiliated due to thier connection to the Blood Pact but after the betrayals they have become Undivided and very anti-Khorne so the chances of them letting anybody openly displaying Khorne icons near them would probably be rather slim.

Other than that its good.

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Looking good, don't have enough time to read it all right now. So I'll comment tomorrow, but as usual there's definitely no lack of effort!

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Just finished reading in and I like it! I would possibly add a bit more about Bile and his 'help' to answer the question of upkeep for legion strength maybe?

There are a few grammatical errors in it that need fixing however. For example:

"the Berserker cult was began to become quite sizable"

This should read "the Berserker cult was beginning to become quite sizable" or "the Berserker cult had begun to become quite sizable". Something like that. There are very few of these in there however. All in all great job guys.

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What would be nice, and effective as far as editing goes, when people make edit recommendations, like Wraith's, if Vash or another Mod can edit the above document (make the change in red) and annotate in the edit post that it has been edited, who by and when in RED.

That way the request for edit is posted, the change is made, and the request closed.


(re: upkeep of troop trength, there was a talk in chat about the use of geneseed from friends, allies AND fallen enemies (astartes obviously), which would make the Chapter a melting pot of geneseed in a matter of decades, which would be very interesting to Fabius Bile in an academic way.

That part needs to be nicely written up and inserted somewhere in the above text).

Oh, and I'd like to have the above edited to reflect oxford english instead of american english if possible. Colour instead of color, armour instead or armor, etc. I think it is representative of the lion's share of the populace here as well as the contributors...as well as having a more GW feel to it.

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I edited the above about halfway for now. As I have been up since 4 am and took a plane, etc, I am rather tired now and needs must go to bed. :)

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hey guys, thought up of an idea for the "your on your own" cry, say when a individual talon is about to strike a finishing blow/deliver final shot against his foe, and in a low tone voice full of disdain "your on your own" BOOM/SLASH
The reason i suggested "Vengeance for the betrayed" is because for a full chapter running into battle, just seemed like a more menacing/less silly cry for 500 some odd CSM's to be yelling, but again, for the indivudual stuff really liking the idea of that as a "final" saying tell me what you guys think =D

My thinking behind it was, in the fluff, that one saying echoes through all of them.. so in return, they leave that echoing in their foe as the life drains from them

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I think a battlecry of "Vengeance!" would be best. Perhaps even "Avenge Yourselves!"

It makes sense (you can connect that they were betrayed or screwed over) and it isn't as wordy.

Whatchull think?

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Actually I like vengeance for the betrayed. Just has a nice ring to it :)

Side note: I tried to edit the second half of the background for grammar and such like I did for the first half but was unable to do so. Said something about a 10000 character limit I think it was.

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Actually I like vengeance for the betrayed. Just has a nice ring to it :)

Side note: I tried to edit the second half of the background for grammar and such like I did for the first half but was unable to do so. Said something about a 10000 character limit I think it was.
Yep I like that bit too, does have a certian ring to it doesn't it.

On the side note Wraith the only thing I can suggest is to cut the post in half then repost both halfs as single posts so they can be edited.

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Ok, I've been thinking about the Fabius Bile connection, and I'm wondering what he'd be more intrigued by: the melting pot of different zygote strands used to create the geneseed for new recruits, or the fact that several of the Talons have a piece of wargear directly linked to the omophagea, which has itself been mutated. This also implies that the only common zygote across all members of the army is the omophagea, as there is no way of telling if a recruit will end up wielding a Talon.

I can imagine events would roll out something like this:

While the Talons are having a refuel/planning stop, Bile drops out of the warp nearby in his ship. After an amount of ship to ship vox, he is allowed on to the Talon's flagship to negotiate a study of the geneseed in order to understand why despite the almost cavalier attitude to geneseed makeup hasn't resulted in horrendous mutations. After several weeks of study and information exchange he leaves, having brokered a deal whereby he can have a small sample of the geneseed stock for future experiments.

I don't see any of the Talons going under the Chirurgeon, but I can see it developing into a mutually beneficial relationship, especially if at a later point mutations do start becoming a bit too rampant and it's a genetic thing and not due to warptaint.

How does that sound?


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excellent...i would agree that it is very good fluff and also agree with a few of the corrections listedabove (i.e. gramatical and khorne symbolsetc.) but other than that i recon it's great...
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