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[Dark Talon]Legion Background and Fluff

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Discuss and chat about the Heresy Traitor Legion background fluff and history in this thread.

Exceptional and popular ideas will be moved to a separate forum for further development.
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A big idea in my head is that the legion is from the Cursed Founding.
Maybe the seed created facial abominations, making them lose lips and eye lids. Like a deathshead legion or the like.
I see that, and big veins visible across their pallid skin.
Maybe they were contaminated with nurgle so slight that the seed began to rot yet they were generally not bound to him nor caring of him. Maybe not even aware of his doing, only the hell they endure everyday.
Only enough that they look like dead, lipless vampires, but live and breathe. A cross between blood angels rules and deathguard rules for starters.
Since their major visible curse is their mangled faces, most wear plain black masks/helmets and the ranks wear ornate masks, ala Dante or Kingdom of Heaven.
They hate humanity for creating them and trying to destroy their failure, leading to the escape of key men and geneseed and the hiddne creation of the rest of the chapter on a desolate carrion world. Fugue or something of the like.

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Another idea, that the the imperium(or even chaos) tried to create a chapter to combat the powerfully-blossoming psychic potential of humanity. They used a pariah as the genetic base for the seed, then modified that with resilient marine DNA(or chaos marine). The results was that the original and more powerful progenitors were pariahs, and the later were much less able to feel the warp or be affected by it.

SO, made to hate the imperium but are immune to chaos.
Or, made to fight chaos with their immunities yet rebelled due to their own soulless hated existence brought upon them by the imperium. And this same ability prevents them from being shackled by them.

1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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