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[Dark Talon]Legion Background and Fluff

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Discuss and chat about the Heresy Traitor Legion background fluff and history in this thread.

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ok im gonna share the bit of fluff i been workin on for my army, maybe you guys will like it and want to use it. (though my army is already mostly painted and it would really suck if yall wanted a diff color sceem lol, ill worry about that later )

as lorgar of the word bearers was firs discovering the gods of the warp before the whole chapter had fallen to the taint of the chaos gods. there where many loyal warriors who where staunch belevers in spreading the imperial truth threw the great crusade. as lorgar began his worship the gods demanded sacrafice! crewmen and gurdsman at first , they where easy cover their dissaperences, but they became more and more till the gods started calling for the blood of brother astrates. lorgar in his ambition succame to their demands. one brother here another there. but shortly quiet questions where beginning to arise. but at the same time more and more of his brothers where following him down his dark path. so lorgar and his tainted brethren (whos numbers where growing rapidly) set out to gather the names of all the men they belived would never turn from there loyalty to the emperor, and discard the lies of the imperial truth. a whole 3rd of the chapter.

after a hard fought invasion of a hostile non compliant world lorgar and his traitorus breathren put their plan into motion , for the mass sacrafice that the gods where demanding. before the loyalists where able to regroup fully from the tuff battle (that they where all set on the front lines) lorgar summand them all to his audience and briefed them on an emegency mission they must embark on immediately. lorgar had falsified a distress call from another expedition fleet that needed dire reinfocments immediately.
the traitors and rigged all the ships that the loyalists would travel in so that all the nav systems would self destruct shortly after entering the warp. leaving them pray to the wims of chaos.
the plan went off with out a hitch the loyalist boarded their vessels and disembarked on their mission. and all communication was lost once they entered the warp. logar was pleased and free to delve deeper into the depthes of chaos!

ok now we fast forward to a few thousand years after the horus heresy when a small fleet emerges from the warp battered and beaten after ages lost in the warp. they have fought to survive for centuries hoping to make it back to warn the imperium of there bedrail at the hands of the word bearers.the only driving force that kept them alive was their unwavering devotion to the imperial truth. in the centuries lost afloat in the warp they had come across many worlds that worshipped false gods that they came to belive du to direct contact where massive xeno intelligences beyond anyone comprehention except the emperor. so they swore to bring the news of their finding to the emperor.the chaos gods cared little for the lac of devotion these bings lorgar had sent them, only that the worlds they found erupted in death and destruction.

the newly freed marines made for the first imperial planet they could find to resupply and get word to their brethren and the emperor of what had befallen them. to their horror appon makin contact with the so called imperial world they learnt that some heretical cult was ruling this world with its worship of an emperor god! so the (truth bearers( what i have been calling them so far, the name adopted during their centuries of trying to find their way out of the warp to let the imperium know the truth.and their crusade threw the warp to spread the imperial truth)
set apon the world to cleanse it in the name of the great crusade. they figured out after the 3rd world that they found that claimed to be part of the imperium but they all worshiped this emperor god. they where confronted and beaten back by the loyal space marines of the imperium who cared not to listen to them and seemed to worship this false god emperor. they wher beaten and wher forced to retreat back into the warp but not before they wher able to repair their nav systems and restock ther fleet. shortly after they came across a fleet of the black legion and learnt of horus's rebellion and the emperors betrail to humanity and discarding of his own imperial truth in his attempt to ascend to godhood. and swore or cleanse the imperium of the heretic believers in this false god emperor. as they continued their great crusade and the spreading of the imperial truth , in and outside the warp!

well that what i've come up with so far if you guys don't want to use it thats cool id still like to know what you guys think and any suggestions would be appreciated.
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