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Due to the information in the below quoted post from Jelad we have to choose another name for the HO Legion.

Heres a list of things to keep in mind:

We want to keep the Talons part of the name.
Its Chaos Undivided.

Theres been a few developments regarding the name we selected.

Unfortunately it's come to our attention that the Black Talons are infact an Official Chapter. I don't think they're very well documented but can be seen on this page.


Apparently they're in the 2nd edition Ultramarines book... Ravenguard Geneseed.

Plus I found some Fluff by a guy on Bolter and Chainsword.


I'm really keen with the whole Talons idea and also love the Drawn Flesh with protruding pipes idea so I think moving on we'll have to consider an Alternative name which includes the word Talons.

Heres the list of suggstions so far, I have left in the no goes so we don't get them again :) :

Soul Talons
Flesh Talons
XXXXIron Talons XXXX No go
Sable Talons
Dark Talons
Rending Talons
Talons of Chaos
XXXXWarp TalonsXXXX No Go
Vengeful Talons
Talons of Malice
Talons of Hate
Talons of Malevolence
Talons Maleficant
Blood Talons
The Talon
Death Talons
Talons of Wrath
Chaos Talons

If everybody picks their fav 3 and puts them in order we can see what tips up as a top five and then discuss it further. :)

Members that have picked their top 3 so far:
The Cabbage

Names and points so far:

Dark Talons (9)
Talons Malevolent (8 )
Soul Talons (7)
Death Talons (7)
Talons Malificant (6)
Talons of Malice (3)
The Talon (3)
Talons of Hate (3)
Blood Talons (2)
The Talons (1)
Talons of Chaos (1)
Vengeful Talons (1)

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My top 3

1 - Talons Malevolent
2 - Soul Talons
3 - Talons Maleficant

Btw Vash, you have Talons of Hate listed twice.

EDIT: sorry Vash, they are in the order I like now, best one first.

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I was just thinking, we are really going for spooky mean names. Maybe something more in line with other chaos legions? Something with a pre-heresy uniqueness that isn't necessarily chaos-sounding.
Crimson Talons, Flame Talons, Lunar Talons, Talons Apostate, Recusant Talons, Bastard Talons, Unshackled Talons, etc... Talons of the Eye.

Too many..

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Soon we will have to move on to the next stage and cut some of the names off this list. So if any of you folks want to be heard nows the time to pick a top three :) .

What do you reckon for the next bit reduce it to five and pic one for a final result?

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i was thinking about getting more and better names, like Talons of Vengeance. for now i say:
1.) Talons Maleficant
2.) Talons of Malevolence
3.) Vengeful Talons

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