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So I decided that I had fun painting the pale skin in the previous tutorial, and it was a good break from my dragon WIP.

And hence decided to do a dark skin tutorial also for those Salamander players and anyone else playing a dark skinned army.

There is no real 'final product' as people would vary how dark the skin is. Some would go for an almost black face, and some would sometimes make the skin look just tan. So feel free to stop at any point during this tutorial when you are happy with the result.

Step 1.
Undercoat the mini, and base the skin in Scorched Brown.

Step 2.
Highlight the majority of the skin in a 2:1 mix of Scorched Brown and Tallarn Flesh

Step 3.
Give the mini a watered down wash of 2:1 Devlan Mud and Badab Black.

Step 4.
Highlight the skin with a 1:1 mix of the step2 mix and Bleached Bone

Step 5.
Add a little Bleached Bone to the mix and highlight with that.

Step 6.
Highlight carefully with a 1:1:1 mix of Scorched Brown, Tallarn Flesh and Bleached Bone. Experiment a bit with this mix, as the numbers aren't 100% but guidelines.

Step 7.
Give the skin a fair heavy was of 1:1 Badab Black and Devlan mud.

Step 8.
Finish the rest of the face/model such as eyes, teeth, augmentics etc.

Hope this helps.

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Useful, as i am soon going to start Marines, and i am no racist! :D
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