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Ok these guys fit in with the fluff of my DP so decided to make a profile with them, i will be posting a stat line but since its my own and not out of the book not sure if it violates copyright laws so if it does a mod can take it out without worry 8) anyways here it is, btw Dezriel is the name of my DP

Dezriel's Dark Riders
Guards of the Daemon Prince Dezriel these riders come from his shrouded past and often ocompany him though lurking in the darkness. Though no one knows how Dezriel gained the allegience of these ancient and mysterious Dark Riders, they follow his word what ever his purpose may be with a souless vigor. These riders are beings of darkness, a aura of death hangs around them like a shroud of smoke striking fear into even some of the most veteran of Dezriel's legionairs. Encased in ancient armor they are faceless killers but no one save the Daemon Prince himself knows what they truely are, but they seem to ignore mortal wounds falling only when their armor is destroyed, attempts to recover any of this armor has failed as it seems to fade away into dust. These riders enter battle with a variaty of weapons as well as mounts and reportedly on foot as well, flying into battle on huge winged beasts, or charging on daemonic steeds, donning ancient weapons and shields, reports say some of these riders carry great 2 handed weapons that can crush even the thickest plates, while their blades can effortlessly cut through armor, though limited in number, these ancient riders prove as the claw of Dezriel, often deployed with Lords under Dezriel to carry out his will, what ever his will may be, one thing is sure these Dark Riders are to be feared when his name is mentioned.

Dezriels Dark Riders 80 Points Each Elites 0-1
WS:4 BS:- S:5 T:5 W:2 I:4 A:3 LD:10 SV:2+

Unit: Infantry
Number/squad: 3-5

Ancient Armor, Dark Reaver Blade, Viel of the Dark Ones

One model may upgrade its Dark Reaver Blade to a Great Reaver Blade for 15 points.

Special Rules
Fearless, Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, 5+ Invulnerable Save, Riders.

Ancient Armor: Armor of ancient and unkown origin, its dark plates are nearly inpenetrable as well the ancient shields used are often used for bashing oponents in combat. Confers a 2+ armor save and a 5+ invulnerable save. The shield counts as a additional close combat weapon granting an additional attack when in close combat when using Dark Reaver Blades, but not when using the Great Reaver Blade as it is 2 handed.

Dark Reaver Blade: Ancient weapons of unkown origin that can cleave through armor with ease. Acts as a power weapon.

Great Reaver Blade: A ancient 2 handed great weapon though rarely seen being used by Dark Riders, these blades recorded in action grant the user immense strength that can crush through the toughest of armor. A 2 handed power weapon that grants the user Strength 8.

Viel Of the Dark Ones: The Riders are enveloped in a ghastly aura of death covering them like a shroud of darkness giving them a fearsome appearence, only the bravest(or foolish) or warriors stand to meet these specters of death. Riders act as though having frag grenades when charging into cover, and when enemy units wish to assualt the Riders must pass a moral test before doing so, if they fail the test the enemy unit cowers back and fails to assualt the Riders, any unit that must take a moral test due to losing combat must do so at -1 LD with any other leadership modifiers.

Riders: Though Dark Riders may enter battle on foot they are skilled riders with any mount and may fly or charge into battle on these horrific beasts and steeds. For 5 points a model the Dark Riders may be mounted on winged beasts and act as though they had wings/jump pack.
For 10 points a model the Dark riders ride into the fight on black daemonic steeds and become calvalry

Dark Riders may not be transported in a Rhino or Land Raider

Hope to get more fluff behind Dezriel and his Word Bearers legion soon :D
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